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This 4-Doors Personality Test Will Reveal Your Subconscious Thoughts!

Psych2Go invites you to answer the question and follow the instructions. Mark answers in a piece of paper and then see the interpretation. You will be impressed with the results!


First, take out a piece of paper.

You enter a room and see 4 doors around you: a white, a black, a blue and a pink.

  1. In what order will you open the doors?
  2. what will you see behind them?

 Write your answer down on a paper or in your phone or computer before you see the analysis and interpretation to get a more accurate result. Don’t cheat 🙂

If you are ready, go to the next page to see the results!


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  1. Black, white, pink, and blue. The black door was a dark but beautiful forest I wanted to explore, white was just an empty off-white world that went on forever, pink was what would have been a warm and welcoming home if it didn’t feel abandoned, and blue was an extravagant mansion all in blue, but nothing in there was interesting. I wanted to leave as soon as I glanced at everything there.
    It’s grim, but it sounds accurate…

  2. Blue, black, pink, white. Blue is a small and cluttered hallway of insanely cool scientific and sometimes downright magical trinkets. Reminds me of the scene in HP5 book where they enter the Dept of Mysteries. Black was a door into outer space; cool, serene, and everlasting. Pink opened onto the beach in the late evening and the ocean sparkled against the sun. White door was actually the door from my childhood home and opened into my childhood memories.

  3. I opened the black door first to find a pitch black abyss and imagined hearing the screams of the dead. I then opened the blue door to find an expanse of ocean in front of me, almost calming and determined to soothe me. Then I opened the pink door to find the abandonment of my father, and feelings of sadness and guilt washed over me, I shut the door quickly. Lastly I opened the white door to find a blank page, a never ending wall of white, and I felt lost.

  4. Oh my G.. Im gonna cry ..who did this psych. Test??
    My heart is ripping badly. Too much!!! But thank you . You are right!!!

  5. Blue, pink, white, and black. Uh. Every single one of them opened in a home – Blue opened to the entrance of a home, a peaceful home (even if at some point I believed there was a lake or water somewhere), Pink opened to a child’s room, full of toys, girly and pink. White opened to … a lab ? Or a home with white walls everywhere – and it was very, very silent. But not the peaceful silent ; the silent that means nothing’s here. And finally, Black opened to the entrance of a home, a happy home with black walls, a family was playing together, happily, even though there seemed to have arguments, I think.
    And damn the description of the order of the colors was sooo accurate! Like, wow! I value a lot my career (or future career, to say), even if I mostly “go with the flow”. I’m an emotional balance, and yeah I’m in a smooth relationship … and I’m a very balanced person! And … I know that I don’t have always a good self-esteem, but I don’t think I fall into pessism actually, I’m quite realist :’D But I’m happy to be psychologically healthy and have a desire to live, hehe ~

  6. 1. Black : a corridor
    2. Pink : a furnished modern living room
    3. White : an empty room
    4. Blue : an extravagant room inside a renaissance castle

  7. Black : A door that took me into Hogwarts or the Town near Hogwarts
    White: a beautiful queen Victoria house in boston
    Pink: cute apartment in the arts district
    Blue: Library

  8. I got really influenced by the picture above.
    Blue – a kind of upperclass leaving room, fancy in a classic way. There’s a greyhound chilling on the carpet
    White – an impersonal, empty room. Aseptic
    Pink – A warm little apartment, full of little stuff and rugs. Colorful and nice
    Black – An old lady’s house. Weird smell, poor lighting

  9. This isn’t accurate for people who imagine different things or behind the doors.
    Blue: homey feel and where you return to after you’ve done everything else
    White: showroom, not personal
    Black: a stay away door where someone hides their secrets
    Pink: I’ve played a lot of games where there’s a gruesome murder scene behind the pastel pink door so I thought:
    Black, white, pink, then blue.

    See what it is, step back and think about it, cut your losses, develop a routine. Basically to adapt

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