This 4-Doors Personality Test Will Reveal Your Subconscious Thoughts!

Psych2Go invites you to answer the question and follow the instructions. Mark answers in a piece of paper and then see the interpretation. You will be impressed with the results!


First, take out a piece of paper.

You enter a room and see 4 doors around you: a white, a black, a blue and a pink.

  1. In what order will you open the doors?
  2. what will you see behind them?

 Write your answer down on a paper or in your phone or computer before you see the analysis and interpretation to get a more accurate result. Don’t cheat 🙂

If you are ready, go to the next page to see the results!

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  1. Black, white, pink, and blue. The black door was a dark but beautiful forest I wanted to explore, white was just an empty off-white world that went on forever, pink was what would have been a warm and welcoming home if it didn’t feel abandoned, and blue was an extravagant mansion all in blue, but nothing in there was interesting. I wanted to leave as soon as I glanced at everything there.
    It’s grim, but it sounds accurate…

  2. Blue, black, pink, white. Blue is a small and cluttered hallway of insanely cool scientific and sometimes downright magical trinkets. Reminds me of the scene in HP5 book where they enter the Dept of Mysteries. Black was a door into outer space; cool, serene, and everlasting. Pink opened onto the beach in the late evening and the ocean sparkled against the sun. White door was actually the door from my childhood home and opened into my childhood memories.

  3. I opened the black door first to find a pitch black abyss and imagined hearing the screams of the dead. I then opened the blue door to find an expanse of ocean in front of me, almost calming and determined to soothe me. Then I opened the pink door to find the abandonment of my father, and feelings of sadness and guilt washed over me, I shut the door quickly. Lastly I opened the white door to find a blank page, a never ending wall of white, and I felt lost.

  4. Oh my G.. Im gonna cry ..who did this psych. Test??
    My heart is ripping badly. Too much!!! But thank you . You are right!!!

  5. Blue, pink, white, and black. Uh. Every single one of them opened in a home – Blue opened to the entrance of a home, a peaceful home (even if at some point I believed there was a lake or water somewhere), Pink opened to a child’s room, full of toys, girly and pink. White opened to … a lab ? Or a home with white walls everywhere – and it was very, very silent. But not the peaceful silent ; the silent that means nothing’s here. And finally, Black opened to the entrance of a home, a happy home with black walls, a family was playing together, happily, even though there seemed to have arguments, I think.
    And damn the description of the order of the colors was sooo accurate! Like, wow! I value a lot my career (or future career, to say), even if I mostly “go with the flow”. I’m an emotional balance, and yeah I’m in a smooth relationship … and I’m a very balanced person! And … I know that I don’t have always a good self-esteem, but I don’t think I fall into pessism actually, I’m quite realist :’D But I’m happy to be psychologically healthy and have a desire to live, hehe ~

  6. 1. Black : a corridor
    2. Pink : a furnished modern living room
    3. White : an empty room
    4. Blue : an extravagant room inside a renaissance castle

  7. Black : A door that took me into Hogwarts or the Town near Hogwarts
    White: a beautiful queen Victoria house in boston
    Pink: cute apartment in the arts district
    Blue: Library

  8. Blue, white, black, pink

    A fish tank, a little girl sipping tea, a lion and lion tamer, the sky with clouds

  9. I got really influenced by the picture above.
    Blue – a kind of upperclass leaving room, fancy in a classic way. There’s a greyhound chilling on the carpet
    White – an impersonal, empty room. Aseptic
    Pink – A warm little apartment, full of little stuff and rugs. Colorful and nice
    Black – An old lady’s house. Weird smell, poor lighting

  10. 1. Pink: A cozy apartment.
    2. Blue: A workplace, that almost seems like it could be a sort of second home but not quite.
    3. White: a kitchen.
    4. Black: A large foyer, with a Gothic interior.
    I think provided the info at the end, it would mean that 1. I enjoy a domestic life with my partner (which I do), 2. I have a liking towards working but it’s not quite where I feel I belong (which. also true.) 3. I’m not really sure what this means in context, but maybe it’s like. How to feel better instead of how bad I feel, because I love cooking and sharing my food creations. 4. I feel like death is a nice part of life, instead of something I fear. I feel really at peace my mine and other people’s demises (please don’t think I’m weird for that, I just view death as an extension of life, and not something that should be feared, but is totally okay to fear).

    I really enjoyed this! A really nice insight.

    1. I’m honestly so shook because your first three answers were identical to mine except the black door was an underground corridor (kinda spooky). That’s so cool and also unnerving.

  11. Black – Cemetery that’s just dark and cold (so cool)
    Blue – A study room with books in the shelves and it smells like coffee and paper inside
    Pink – A girly room which I should avoid at all cost and it smells like strawberry or cotton candy
    White – A living room with that fireplace and the smell of hot chocolate wafting through the air

    The results of mine are quite accurate. It made me think things through. I’ve been depressed for a while now. I have been spending so much time at work than I should have. I have denied myself the right to love and be loved, I just feel like I don’t deserve it. And yes, maybe my personal life is quite non-existent at this point. Like I have nothing going on other than work.

  12. black- the entrance to a witches coven
    pink- a cute little house with fresh food cooking
    blue- a queens room, filled to the brim with jewls
    white- a small bathroom, simple but cozy with a fully drawn steaming bath

  13. Well, my honest answers were “I open them left to right, as they will be placed”. For what is behind them: “I can’t know. I will only see when I open them.”
    I think those are not too “helpful” for this quiz, are they? Heheh.

  14. Black:Night
    Pink:field of flowers.
    And yes I have given up on life. ☹

    1. Mate…… Same here. This was too goddamn accurate for some reason.

  15. This isn’t accurate for people who imagine different things or behind the doors.
    Blue: homey feel and where you return to after you’ve done everything else
    White: showroom, not personal
    Black: a stay away door where someone hides their secrets
    Pink: I’ve played a lot of games where there’s a gruesome murder scene behind the pastel pink door so I thought:
    Black, white, pink, then blue.

    See what it is, step back and think about it, cut your losses, develop a routine. Basically to adapt

  16. My order was white, pink, blue and black. Behind the white door was a green landscape of flowers. Behind the pink was a cozy suburb and houses. The blue door led to the sea. The black door led to nothingness.
    Really interesting results and connections.

  17. black, pink, blue, white
    i see a beautiful waterfall behind black one, room full of candies and chocolate behind pink one, a warm coffee and small coffeeshop behind blue, and someone i connected with behind white one.
    Yeah, accurate.

  18. Black – A dark room with a cute ghost.
    Pink – My house, the living room, a cake on the table.
    Blue – The beach.
    White – Nothing.

  19. Black: Mystery/Adventure
    Blue: Freedom
    Pink: Fancy apartment
    White: Normal house/Hospital
    So, does that mean I see death as some kind of exciting, mysterious adventure? 0____0

  20. Blue: A beautiful and tropical beach
    Pink: The room of my childhood
    Black: My family having dinner
    White: the living room of my dreamed house

  21. Blue, a door that can take to a magic but open place. Like the woods or somekind of graden, somewhere with magic.
    Black, a door that took me where a infinity of books and wisdom was.
    White, the house I want to live in, the where I could be happy by myself.
    Pink, my family’s house, somewhere warm and full of life.
    It’s kind of accurate….

  22. Black: Death/reaper
    Blue: My own concept of magic and beauty or what gives me inspiration aka a landscape with a view of an ocean or lake.
    White: A standard, boring bedroom
    Pink: A very pink house and someone very much in love

  23. Black: Open space, almost witch like area
    Blue: Cinderella castle
    White: Dance studio, surrounded in mirrors and windows, bright lights
    Pink: frilly Hansel and Gretel style kitchen

  24. This wasn’t accurate at all. I’m in a fantastic relationship and highly emotional and in love and it’s saying that’s missing for me. Also, I opened blue first and I absolutely hate my job and can’t wait to leave it. And I’m only working part time.

  25. Pink: an old lady’s house, with a cat/fireplace, crocheted rugs etc, cosy
    White: a very well presented, modern, stylish empty house
    Blue: an intriguing, interesting old house with many characters & stories contained therein
    Black: the “scary house” but really just occultish and witchy, that I was excited to explore

    So interesting !!!

  26. blue – an overgrown alley, a long pathway to somewhere unseen/mysterious

    pink – a warm cosy hut interior, simplistic in architecture, rugs on the floor, small windows looking out to a garden, trees around, floor covered in rugs, fireplace, room covered in trinkets, inventions, antiques, “magical” things one doesn’t really know what they are.

    black – a grey towering grandiose castle on a hill, a deep forest surrounding/behind.

    white – hilly fields and fields of flowers

  27. White (self-confidant), Blue (work-oriented), Black (missing something), Pink (emotional escape).
    Behind the white door is a sunny room with a large window. The furniture is clean, white, and tidied. Everything has recently been used. It reminds me of a time when my mother would clean the house. I feel familial nostalgia as I walk through. There is a home for me here.
    Behind the blue door is a crowd of people, opening their arms to welcome me. They all seem so happy, and I am so very inclined to walk in and be enveloped by their arms.
    Behind the black door is a modern ebony table, ebony chairs, and an ebony floor. It is dusty. I want to sit, but I also want to get a towel and dust the furniture. There is no one there waiting for me. It is new, and yet, it is old. Is this my home? I cannot tell. I feel like I’m walking through a stranger’s house.
    Behind the pink door is a soft pink hue. There is nothing. Only a soft color waiting for me. It is both eerie and soothing. It is warm, and yet I feel so doubtful towards it. After reading the results, I took some time to think about this. I’ve come to a conclusion: It is so hard for me to love myself. I want to be enveloped by love, but something inside me feels as though I don’t deserve love, no matter how hard I try to accept it. I know it’s a heightened doubt because of my depression. That’s always been a struggle in my life, especially recently. But I also know I have a home to go back to, and I have people who love me. That’s more than enough to help me keep going.

  28. PINK: A pleasant view of flowers in the fields
    WHITE: A scent of air from an enclosed space
    BLACK: A dark suffocating smoke
    BLUE: A heavy feeling I can’t tell

    And in all fairness, they perfectly match what’s me irl.

    PINK: Love (single af but I don’t lose hope)
    WHITE: Personal Life (I’m very much fine being gay)
    BLACK: Fear (it’s slowly getting the best out of me, I’m jobless atm)
    BLUE: Career (it’s true, I have so much to prove and work on before I get a stable one)

  29. Black: Nothingness / emptiness. A void of darkness. The night sky.
    Blue: Water / the ocean.
    White: A hospital / operating room.
    Pink: A child.

    Accurate, though the things described behind them didn’t really seem important.

  30. Black, white, blue, pink; I didnt put too much thought and tried to think impulsively. Behind the black door was a warm, dark/dim, cluttered room with stacks of books, boxes, and things leaned against the wall; the white, blue and pink doors all lead to the top of an open hill with tall grass and dainty flowers of a corresponding color, a wide open sky with a couple thin whispy clouds, light wind and cool sun.

  31. Blue = Something beautiful and wondrous, something that reveals what my life is all about. It could be the inside of a temple covered with white stone and some power floating on a pedestal, waiting for me to grab because it was meant for me.
    Black = A great adventure somewhere dark and mysterious, filled with things needed to fixed or helped – somewhere I could mature in.
    White = A peaceful place, probably the sea and a house on a cliff near it. Somewhere I can rest and feel at ease.
    Pink = My home in real life, where my mom and brother wait for me and my dog barks because he’s happy to see me. My journey is complete and I can spend the rest of my life with the people I love.

  32. this is so wrong lmao… it said that i’ve given up on life and also am healthy and want to live, which is it?

  33. White, black, blue, then pink. Behind the white door was a simple bedroom with no personalization, just a bed with white sheets a wooden dresser and a wooden desk with a blank piece of paper on it. Behind the black door was a room filled with books, a comfy looking armchair and a fire roaring in the fireplace. Behind the blue door was a wooden porch overlooking a grassy yard that leads into a forest. I didn’t imagine anything behind the pink door, I tried for like five minutes to think of something but everything felt kind of forced. No idea what that says about my love life but whatever.

    (In the order I chose them)
    Blue (occupation): beautiful, flowering vegetation as far as the eye can see, complete with a waterfall
    >I prioritize work over all other aspects of my life, and my dream job is something that would help conserve the environment
    Black (death): the interior of an ordinary wardrobe. Coats, coats, and more coats, accompanied by a plethora of dust
    White (personal life): a cold, sterile medical clinic. It is deserted, and something feels very odd about the place…
    >I have never feared death like some people seem to. It’s always just been an inevitable and pointless topic. Also, dust.
    Pink (love): a bustlring train station, akin to Grand Central in NYC
    >I can never focus on/commit to loving one person for a long period of time
    >I’m a mess. Enough said.

    White: Library (small, scandinavian design with a window overlooking a a field of grass)
    Blue: Baby’s room (first thing that came to mind, don’t know why though lol)
    Pink: Bedroom (again, not sure why I thought of this)
    Black: Kitchen (thinking of a monochromatic design of a kitchen)

    What hit home to me was the 3rd door (the pink one), am still young but I can’t imagine myself to be in a relationship with anyone.

  36. 1. Black, A wild underground party, strange people, indie music, flashing colours and hued fog, people dressed in unusual black. A little intimidating
    2. White, Completely rectangular structured, everything white, glossy walls and a counter, with one person hair slick standing behind it in straight clean white clothing, almost like a quiet desolate futuristic hospital. It was sort of calming.
    3. Was between Blue and pink, But I went with Blue. An old ‘dinner’ or restaurant. checkered floors, a jukebox in the corner, glossy red leather seats. An empty place. but sweet, and cute. Very homely.
    4. Pink, oh pink, I’m not even lying when all i thought of was love, that one person i don’t like to think of. What was behind this door was unclear, I didn’t have a set image, It just felt like the home of someone i would be dating. It was a big home, rainy weather. but thats all i know

  37. Black, blue, white, pink. (I’m doomed folks) Behind the black door I saw an endless and constantly reforming void, about the size of your average closet, whose walls were covered in fur. For blue I saw an expansive Caribbean ocean with an island and a single palm tree. Do not be fooled: the ocean had no shores, no boats, no escape other than the deserted island. There were no humans in sight. Behind the white door I saw a rabbit in a top hat with a magic wand, surrounded by pink sparkles. He floated in the air. For pink I saw a pink spiral staircase with no light, leading down ominously into black.
    Yep. Doomed. Lmao

  38. Black, Blue, White, Pink

    Pretty accurate but I just saw dark blackness behind each of them so that’s probably not good XD

  39. black, blue, pink, white – black hole, blue ocean, sunset, white clouds passing me by on a mountain

  40. Black
    Grandfather clocks
    Handmade crafts

  41. Black, pink, blue then white. The order seems kind of odd now that I know the meaning behind the doors.
    Behind the black door I saw a path through a colourless forest, whose trees lacking leaves.
    Behind the pink door was a cozy bedroom, also in not overwhelming but very pleasing pink. It looked relatively untidy.
    I saw some kind of….plaza?? Of a very busy city behind the blue door. I wonder what that was supposed to be.
    Behind the white door was a living room. The walls were white, the couch was white, but the floor was wooden….

  42. My choices:
    Blue, black, white, then pink.
    Blue: an ocean and sky
    Black: a peaceful bedroom that looks so comfy to sleep in
    White: a room of doves
    Pink: a meadow in bloom.

    When I read the analysis, I was shocked, because all of it fit me so much it’s scary.

  43. Opened the doors left to right, didn’t matter the color. So I passed the colors. And then they all where just brick walls. So take what you will of that.

  44. Pink, Blue, Black, White. I imagined a dog behind the first door. A lab, or a german shepherd. A golden one. Then I opened the blue door and imagined a giant library filled with colorful books. I opened the black door third and saw a room filled with music players, albums, a musty dusty type of place and no music was playing but it was still beautiful and cozy inside. I opened the white door last simply because it looked boring but I imagined a giant meadow of hills and sunshine. I don’t know what that means to my emotional attitude tho rip

  45. Black door: Nothingness
    Blue door: Ruins
    Pink door: Dead garden
    White door: Clutter

  46. Pink, Black, White, Blue – Pink had a room with a baby pink love couch and a white room… moderately small. Black was a closet of really elegant yet depressing clothes. White had a white bed with really silky soft sheets and an open window blowing the light curtains. Blue was a pool were the ceiling was a window showing the night sky.

  47. First I opened the black room and the image I that comes to mind is a room mysterious which has been abended for quite sometime next a white door which I imagined to be a door leading to a luxurious room then blue just a plain room and last door leads to an all pink room which I don’t know really like

  48. Pink, blue, white, black
    Pink- cats and rabbits
    Blue- an ocean
    White- science shit
    Black- a Hot Topic store

    This is legitimately accurate. I’m shocked at how accurate it is.

  49. Pink blue black white

    Pink, bright colored entryway. like a cartoon corridors with a small green bookcase, flowers and an overflowing catch all dish.

    blue, Victorian entry way. black and white floors with lots of marble and a grand black stair case spiraling up.

    Black, Entryway into the beauty and the beast castle. very wide and open room with tall windows, grand marble staircase where you can see it lead to separate corridors, the energy way has doors and tables to the left and right. everything is dark and story with warm candlelight and gargoyles.

    white, an all white, forever white room. harry’s kings cross station after he died but it’s essentially a void of bright white.

  50. I first opened the black door and had the faces of all my dead family members flashing before ending with me then I opened the blue to the wide expanse of the ocean, next I opened the white door and saw nothingness which went on forever and finally I opened the pink door to see a neglected and dusty princess tiara

  51. hahha so wrong I opend the black door 4th because there I hide my feelings and my depression and I hate to talk about that I am not ok. hahahha so wrong

  52. This was surprising. and uplifting, considering I fight with complex PTSD every day. I never get such a healthy result from any kind of psychological quiz. I picked white, then pink, then blue, then black. I suppose my reasons are less healthy than the results, though.

    I picked the white door because it looked less forbidding than the black door and less like someone lived behind it than the pink or blue doors. So really, I ruled the others out. I pictured a completely empty apartment, sans furniture, behind the white door. In between tenants.

    The pink door was next because it looked like even if someone already lived there, it was probably an old lady who wouldn’t mind the company. And that was what I pictured. My grandmother’s kitchen. Pies and cookies on the counter, an orange tree out the window, egrets on the lawn. Comfort.

    The blue door — need I say it? The TARDIS. Overwhelmingly cool, but too much stress and anxiety attached to the Doctor to stay.

    And the black door led to a crypt infested with ghouls, because I’ve been playing too much Fallout 4.

    So I really only made the healthy choices because…I’m avoidant? Oh well. Whatever works, right?

  53. Blue- Inside houses a large Victorian house with gold and blue expensive babbles. No one lives in it and it gives a sense of peace and quiet.
    Black- Inside is a Gothic/Cultist party. Nice people.
    Pink- Inside is a pink themed girly house that possibly holds a murder scene. Don’t trust the sorority chicks next door. They are probably vampires.
    White- Inside is a very quaint little house that smells like home with pies on the counter and family gathered around. The kind of place you would want to go after a long trip. It offers safety and normality for exhausted souls.

  54. Black, blue, white, pink. I thought there’d be a nice library or apartment, or park behind them. This thing told me I’ve given up on life and am too preoccupied with work, have a serious mental imbalance, am in denial about it, and have meaningless and stagnant relationships.

    None of that is accurate. At all. Whatsoever. I’m happily married, have an amazing kid, and a good life. I am currently travelling for work (as a pilot) and miss my family. But am not negative like this thing claims I am. Not a good test.

  55. Blue, black, white, pink.

    Blue door had a pop culture reference behind it that I don’t understand because I’m within the fandom. Not sure why I thought of something relating to Doctor Who, but okay. The current doctor probably kicked me out.
    Black door had a cute black cat behind it and I’ll fight you if you try to take it. My kitty. I love my kitty.
    White door was probably an entrance to an asylum. It gives off that kind of feeling. Probably because it’s a white door-
    Pink door had a kind family behind it. Any sane family would kick me out for trespassing, as they did.

    Well, the black and white doors are pretty accurate. What’s behind the black door and my emotional connection to it, that’s a bit iffy. Not quite sure about the rest. I don’t even have an occupation, and I feel my emotions way too much.

    Blue was first for the pop culture reference that I don’t understand.
    Black was the next one because I wanted the kitty. I could hear the baby’s meows.
    White would’ve been last if pink wasn’t required in the sequence.
    Pink was just last because I’m not a big fan of the color that is actually a lighter shade of red.

    Overall, I wouldn’t consider this completely accurate to me.

  56. This is so real!!!!!!!
    I set my priority in my career
    Im emotionally balanced
    I suffer an area of my life because…
    I’ve given up my personal life.

    So fuckin’ real!!!

  57. First, I opened the white door to a hockey rink. Specifically, the arena I’ve been attending games at since I started the sport in high school. It brought forth memories of the games and the rivalries. The brisk air and the packed crowds. The puck was at my feet, and my opponents were at my side, trying to take it away. I kept the door open long enough to see the puck fly into the net and a player from the other team slam my past self into the wall. I still remember the fight that broke out after that. That day was one of my most memorable hockey experiences. We won the state cup that day. — I’m not quite sure what this says about me, but it most likely has to do with “goals” and “effort” or something.

    The second was the pink door, which opened to a dirt trail leading up scenic mountains with fog drifting around them and the sun rising behind them. The sky glowed with vivid colors of green and yellow. — I would say my love life is rather adventurous, but I’m stumped on the fog.

    The third door I opened was the blue door, which revealed the view of a helicopter landing in a battlefield; explosions and gunfire rang out from the around me, and I had to shut the door. — This one kind of freaks me out given the fact that I’m planning on joining the military… Here I thought it would be ironic to open a bland, boring door to a war zone.

    I decided to open the black door last. Behind it was the open ocean. Vast, blue waters with nothing in sight. No sunlight, no fish. I stepped through and could feel the water, but I wasn’t getting wet. It was freezing against my skin and moved with the current, but when I stepped back through the door, I was completely dry. — This last one is particularly disturbing to me. I don’t even know where to begin.

  58. Black: a nice, large, comfy living room with fuzzy chairs and hot chocolate and a fireplace
    White: a boring, small white room with two small, white chairs and a white table and a coffee pot
    Blue: a grand piece of architecture like the Sistine Chapel
    Pink: a small, terrible, beat up apartment

  59. I open the black door. The moment I open it, I feel a strange but cold wind on my face. I go inside and see a very long road. The road is black so as the walls, the road is very narrowed. I barely see a small light from far away, it is like a an end of a tunnel.

  60. I opened the black door first, blue door second, white door third and pink door lats. Behind, the black door I saw several identical cats that looked exactly like my pet black cat Toty, behind the blue door I saw a pool with professional swimmers in it, behind the white door I saw snowy hills and behind the pink door I saw the inside of a cozy house. Strangely though, my mental state is healthy, I have great relationships, have very high self esteem and I never really have gaps in my life

  61. It’s 1 am in the midnight and I fou d this so accurate, I wanted to share the link too but I forgot I do not have friends. I feel so lonely right now.

  62. Black- I saw a room with different kinds of blades on the walls.

    Blue- I saw a bathroom. The sink was dirty and the bathtub was full. The lights were dim.

    White- It was a walk in closet full of black robes.

    Pink- I saw a small poodle waiting at the door.


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