4 Types of Friends – Which One Are You? (Quiz)

Disclaimer: The categorisation of friends here tries to accommodate different qualities of a friend so, each is seemingly different from another. As such, it may be prone to not quite hitting the mark for everyone: so take it as a list of rough tendencies rather than strict classifications. The article is based on personal opinion and is primarily to entertain the readers.  So, please don’t take it too seriously or use this as a diagnostic criterion. 

Whom you experience life with, with whom you learn the lesson of sharing and caring and with whom you get in and out of trouble. Friends. Within every group of friends, no one is exactly like the other and, that is the best part of friendships.

Take the quiz below to know what kind of a friend you are!

Invite your friends and find out what type of a friend they are as well!

Instructions: Tally the numbers with a pen and paper or on your phone or online. There will be ten questions. If you can’t choose between two options, choose the one which resonates with you the most.

Let’s start!


Q1. Your friend just won a critical match. How would you like to celebrate?       

  1. Tell them how awesome they are and that you are proud of them               
  2.  Prepare a present that they always wanted to get
  3.  Invite them out for dinner
  4.  Throw a party for your friend        

Q2 Your friend crashes at your place feeling down. How would you comfort them? 

  1. You let them vent it out and give them advice
  2.  Empathise with your friend and give them a warm hug
  3. Crack jokes to make them laugh and cheer them up
  4. Invite them out for a night out to have a break; to let loose  

Q3 What is one of your friend pet peeves?    

  1. Being bothered in your alone time
  2. The careless and immature behaviour of your friends
  3. Your friends passing pessimistic comments about everything; being negative
  4. Your friends cancelling on plans

Q4 You are on call with a mean customer service representative who won’t exchange the defective product for a better one. What would you do?                 

  1. Request to talk to a higher official to know what you could do to exchange
  2. Understand their condition and try to convince them to get a better product
  3. Give up. You would try next time
  4. Sweet talk them into getting the exchange

Q5 What is your way of enjoying yourself with your friends?  

  1. Stay up late to have a deep conversation with your friend
  2. Anything is fun as long as I am with my people 
  3. Pulling pranks on each other or watching movies together              
  4. Travelling to new places together and experiencing life

Q6 what do you expect from your friends?   

  1. Respect each other’s boundaries and are not too pushy.
  2. They share similar values and can understand you well so you can be yourself around them
  3. They have the same uplifting vibe
  4. They encourage me to become a better person

Q7 If you had to describe yourself in a single word to a stranger. What word would you choose?  

  1. Honest
  2. Responsible
  3. Witty
  4. Adventurous

Q8 You have to organise a Cultural Fest. What role could you do justice?

  1. The Financial adviser
  2. The Events manager
  3. The Marketing head
  4. The leader       

Q9  A conflict broke out in your group, what would you do?             

  1.  Wait until they calm down to talk it out later      
  2. Try and talk to them and understand their perspective to settle the matter peacefully            
  3. Let them be; it’s the best to let your anger and frustration out rather than keeping it bottled up
  4.  Jump in to appease the argument before it becomes worse

Q10 While shopping, you realise you don’t have sufficient money to buy everything on the list and have left your phone at home. What would you buy with the remaining amount?   

  1. Shop in a way you can buy as many things possible from the list
  2. Items in the list your friend warned you not to forget                       
  3. Treat yourself by buying what you had been long waiting for
  4. Bargain with the shop owner to get the best deal to buy everything

Types of friends

Ready for the answers? Here are the types of friends, according to the number that appears the most.

The Rational friend

If 1) appears the most, you are the intellectual one amongst your friends. You are someone who tends to enjoy their own company and doesn’t like being disturbed in their time of solitude. You know a little about everything and probably aced the exams as well but always remain modest and humble. There are certain situations in life when everyone needs to hear the harsh truth and, since you don’t sugar coat your words, your brutally honest, straightforward responses turn out to be the best advice in times of difficulty. You sure are an indispensable friend.

The Compassionate friend

If 2) appears the most, you are the motherly figure in the group. You are empathetic, understanding, caring and kind. You are the one your friends turn to for reassurance when things take an unexpected turn. Because somehow only you seem to know how to handle the situation well and save them. You are always ready to listen to them and ensure they are doing well. Yes, your friends might complain about you picking on them to develop healthier habits. But, they understand that is how you express your love for them. So, it is no surprise their parents trust you the most. 

The Comic friend

If 3) appears the most, you are the comedian of your group. You are the go-to person when someone is feeling down. You know how to cheer them up as you are cheerful and a bubble of energy yourself. Spreading laughter and joy gives you a sense of fulfilment. You also enjoy pulling pranks on your friends and roasting them. That is just a way to show them how much you value them. In a social setting, people enjoy your company because your confidence and optimistic attitude are contagious. You manage to turn every situation stress-free and happy. No wonder you are the most awaited person at a party.

The Connector friend

If 4) appears the most, you are the link that connects your friends. You are charismatic, bold and have excellent communication skills that help you blend in with any group of people. Being the peacemaker, you are the first to resolve a conflict in the group. You often express how important they are to you and make plans for a meet-up. You are always on an adventure, one day, jumping off a cliff to swim in the sea, the other day, volunteering at a child care centre, always pulling the others to join you. From making plans for the weekend to going on a road trip, you are the one taking up the initiative to hold the group of friends together. And your adventures may seem reckless or wild to them yet, keep them wondering what the next one will be.


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