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5 Effective and Realistic Tips That Will Help You Deal With Betrayal

We have all been betrayed at least once in our lives. Betrayal is a very serious trauma that can affect our brains negatively. How? Oxytocin is a chemical that stimulates feelings of trust and love. Betrayal breaks that trust, resulting in a low production of this chemical. Just how serious is this?  Some of the things one can go through after being betrayed include: acting out, social isolation, insomnia, rage, disappointment, a loss of self-esteem and issues dealing with trust and emotion. You may begin to withdraw from friends because of how badly you feel about the betrayal. You could even grieve the loss of friendship and the person who you thought they were may be dead to you. Or you could slip into a deep depression for a while if the betrayal hasn’t been dealt with accordingly.

We are usually betrayed by someone really close to us. This could be our mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, best friend or workmate. It hurts. There is no denying it. Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne details a study that shows how betrayal and lack of trust, due to a low level of oxytocin, can influence one who has been betrayed in an effort ease the pain or seek retribution. Betrayal can be really harmful to you. It can negatively affect all spheres of your life in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

Just like a wound that takes time to heal, a person who has been betrayed needs time to heal. The initial feelings of hurt, pain and despair will feel like they will never end. However, over time, as you work through the pain, it will become less. And one day, you will be able to put it behind you. You may never be able to forget it, but it will not hold you captive for the rest of your life.

To that end, we here at Psych2Go give you 5 effective and realistic tips that will help you deal with betrayal.

1. Be Angry

There are many emotions one goes through when they find out that they have been betrayed. These range from anger to depression, hurt, and wanting to avenge oneself. Probably one of the most prominent emotions you will feel will be anger. Anger because they did something like this to you. You’re angry because you trusted them. Anger because it was uncalled for. You’re angry because you have another problem to deal with in life. Anger because your emotional state is anything but OK. You’re so angry because you loved this person and didn’t think they would do you wrong. Be angry. It’s human. It’s necessary and it will run its course.


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  1. my group of friends from last year turned out to be horrible persons. They’ve been really good friends for months, but when I left my boyfriend (who was part of that group) he and his best friend decided to have me pay and turned everyone against me

    The 8 of them waited for me to be drunk at some party and they all texted me messages like “kill yourself” all night long to see if I would do it, then they ditched me of their group and never talked to me again.

    I’ve never been so betrayed, I don’t know even know how to describe the feeling. Just imagine the people you love the most all shouting together “kill yourself” while smiling and laughing.
    I think what hurts me the most is that they all did it, the 8 of them, betrayed me in two days after we had spent so much time together. We’ve been together every day for 2 years, and they “eliminated” me in only two days.

    Now I’m in college, I’ve met new people, but I cannot trust them at all. I’ve seen a psy for 6 months, but I don’t see any effects so far. I don’t even know if I’m depressed, and if I’ll ever get over of this feeling. This is a horrible feeling…

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Written by Lazolia Buzuzi

Hi there, I'm Lazolia, a writer hailing from the sunny savannah of Africa. When I'm not indulging my love of the written word, I'm reading, exploring new places on Google Maps or eating one too many sweets. I look forward to contributing to Psych2Go's mission to make mental health and psychology education for millennials easily accessible, easy to read and useful.

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