5 Friends You Should NEVER Take For Granted

There are people we invite into our lives. They exist in our lives, and we are happy that they have chosen to stick by us. However, without noticing, sometimes we can take them for granted –whether it is a family member or friend. 

I’m sure you do not willingly set out to take people for granted. I don’t think anyone does. Yet, it happens. Life gets in the way, and you forget to acknowledge and appreciate the people in your life.   

While, in some respects, it is understandable if some aspects of your friendships or relationships take a temporary back seat, people you should not take for granted.  

Family members, for one, who love, care, and support you should never take for granted. True friends also should never be taken for granted. Below are five types of friends you should never take for granted. 

  • The Listener

Listening is essential in all kinds of relationships. Although it is a necessary trait in many relationships, few people know how to listen.  

These friends are the type who will sit down with you and listen to you without judgment. They will empathize with you. Laugh with you and cry with you. They share your burden. They are not therapists, but talking with them feels better than therapy because you feel like you can tell them anything. 

 But, just because they allow you to speak doesn’t mean that it is okay for you to take them for granted. Listening in a relationship should be reciprocal. Just as your friend listens to you, you should appreciate and listen to them as well. 

  • The Helper

Another friend you should not take for granted is the helper. Whether you are moving out or need to borrow something, these are the kind of friends who are always willing to help you out when you need a hand. You can count on them when you need them the most.   

Helping and lending a hand is an important aspect of friendship, but what matters is that you are also willing to help your friend. 

  • The Optimist

We can all do with a dose of optimism. So, having an optimistic friend is a treasure. They bring joy whenever they walk into a room because they radiate happiness.  

But, even an optimist can have their bad days. When this happens, please reach out to your optimistic friend. Just like they lightened up your day, try to do the same for them. 

  • The Motivator

These kinds of friends inspire and challenge you to do better. They are the kind of friend who is always there to give you a little push. When things look difficult or impossible, they motivate you and stick by you to help you achieve your goal. 

But, motivators also need someone to motivate them. 

  • The Supporter

The supporter friend is always there to back your decisions. They congratulate you and support you in whatever you do. But, they also point out your bad decisions because supporter friends are looking out for your well-being and happiness. Not your temporary well-being. 

Supportive friends celebrate your wins because they know that a win for you is also a win for them. Not for selfish reasons or because they want to take advantage, but because both of you are growing as individuals. Supportive friends are always there when you need them. 

But, as I stated before, support needs to be mutual and reciprocal. 

Great friendships are always reciprocal. It is a constant sharing and exchanging of qualities and traits that both you and your friends possess. In this process, you both grow into the best versions of yourselves.  

Good friends often come into our lives, but we often lose them because we take them for granted. 


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