5 Helpful Self Care Tips for Empaths

A person who is an empath is a rarity among our population: only about 25% of the human population are empaths. The difference between a person having empathy and an empath is that while it’s normal to have the ability of empathizing with others, empaths feel on a much deeper emotional and spiritual level. They are very sensitive to other people’s emotional energies, and can easily sense and take on another’s vibes, positive and negative. For example, if we see another person cry, we feel the urge to cry too. If our friend is really excited about something, we start to feel just as excited. If someone around us is spreading negativity, it can end up making us feel sick.

Science researchers have discovered what’s called “mirror neurons” which are a specialized group of brain cells that are responsible for compassion. Empaths are believed to have hyper-responsive mirror neurons, which means we can mirror others’ emotions easily and instantly.

Since empaths feel on such an intense level, sometimes this can feel like a disadvantage. The place we live, the company we keep, observations of the world around us, and life’s inevitable trials and tribulations can really take a toll on an empath. Empaths are very easily stressed and overwhelmed, so it’s especially important for us to practice self care on a regular basis. Here are some great self care techniques that can help empaths keep stability in their mental, emotional, and spiritual state. These tips are also helpful for people with anxiety disorder.

1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an excellent form of self-care for empathetic people. We tend to be sensitive and appreciative of pleasant  aromatic scents such as lavender, mint, hibiscus, lemongrass, florals, or exotic fruity aromas. In fact, lighting one of your favorite candles or incense and taking the time to just inhale and exhale in silence does wonders.

2. Meditation

Meditation should be a part of everyone’s life, but it’s greatly beneficial for empathetic people. It encourages us to remain in a peaceful state of mind and disconnect ourselves from the stress and hardship of daily life. Since an empath can easily become emotionally drained and stressed out, it is important for us to go deep inside of ourselves and connect with the spirit and natural environment around us. Meditation takes the attention off of external woes and takes us internally to stay balanced and at peace within ourselves.

3. Unplugging from ALL Media

Much like meditation, unplugging from all media, from TV and radio to online, is a must for empaths. The media is saturated with sensationalism, shock value, and any intense and traumatic situation you could imagine. That’s not a good thing for empaths to consistently be digesting because we internalize things very easily.

While there’s positivity in the media, our brains tend to be biased towards the negative. Therefore, that’s what we end up paying the most attention to. It can easily lead us on a path of depression, anxiety, stress, fear, and physical sickness.

Turning off the TV, logging off from all apps or turning off your phone for at least an hour are great things to do on a regular basis. Do not watch the news. Do not listen to the radio, unless it’s maybe an all instrumental, commercial free music channel. Do not answer text messages unless it’s an absolute emergency! Just step away completely and allow that time to become in tune with yourself mentally and spiritually. Unplugging from mass media is one of the best self care practices anyone can do.

4. Reading

Empaths are very curious people who are practically addicted to knowledge and education. Learning something new is a journey we set out to fulfill almost 24/7. So, curling up with a good book and our favorite hot drink is the life! No matter if it’s an awesome science fiction or mystery, or a motivational self-help book, what matter is that you enjoy it.

5. Preoccupation with your Hobbies

What is it that you love to do the most? What makes you feel creative? What do you love to do that puts you in a really good mood? Whether it’s crafts, knitting, playing an instrument, or anything that requires your full attention and hands on activity, make sure to do it daily, or at least regularly. Since we can be easily stressed and overwhelmed, we must make it a point to do things that we love to do very frequently. Take your mind off of how challenging life can be, and make enjoying your life a priority.

6. Connecting with Nature

Empaths are usually very earthy people, and very connected with the spirit of Mother Nature. You’ll find that many people that fit under the empath category love to keep plants in or around their house. They love hiking and getting some fresh air everyday. They enjoy the sound and tranquil environment of a cool, rainy day. They love reading in the park or going to the beach on a regular basis. It’s very important that empaths allow themselves to connect with nature and bond with the Earth. It immediately raises your vibrations, reduces stress, and boosts your mood.

While there tips can certainly help anyone, it’s really important for empaths to practice self care regularly. Tending to care about everyone else a little too much gets you to a point where you disregard your own well-being. These self care tips should help you learn to unwind and take time to yourself. You will really begin to notice a shift in your spiritual well-being, and you’ll begin enjoying life, instead of resenting it.

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