5 Life Lessons from Dalai Lama

Disclaimer: This article's primary intention is to provide spiritual and light-hearted content. It is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. We advise you to always listen to your intuition and do what is right for you.

Do you believe you require a balance of spirituality and science in your life for your well-being?

Spirituality is about getting in touch with your spiritual self and connecting with something bigger than yourself. It’s a search for meaning and being grateful for what you have. Living your life staying true to some core human values could keep your soul at peace even in troubled times. It soothes and relaxes your soul just like walking on the misty grass early in the morning does. And spiritual practices built upon these values might help you tune in with yourself and feel relieved from the emotional turmoil inside you, making you relax and at peace with yourself.

Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, inspires people all around the world to cultivate these universal values to make lives much more fulfilling.

So, here are 5 lessons (core values) from Dalai Lama.

1. Impermanance

“Awareness of impermanence and appreciation of our human potential will give us a sense of urgency that we must use every precious moment.” – Dalai Lama

The law of impermanence is the fundamental premise upon which life thrives. Everything changes; nothing lasts forever. From your thoughts and emotions to the other living beings around you, all is changing and decaying continuously.

When you have been having a tough time and struggling to cope for a long time, your life may feel like an endless hell. Realising that pain and hardships, joy and happiness are only momentary in your life can make it easier to survive through difficult times. What you have now will be gone the next moment. It is not permanent. So, allow yourself to be aware of each moment in your life regardless of how you feel because it is a reminder to be hopeful for a better life ahead and grateful for what you already have. And when you don’t fully accept this truth, you despair and suffer because impermanence is inescapable. So, use those precious moments wisely to help you heal yourself or help others find a way through to continue walking down the path of life.

2. Kindness

“Why couldn’t I do such a small task. I will never be successful at this rate.” Have you caught yourself saying this?

We understand that for you to live your dreams, self-criticism and working on yourself is essential. But being too harsh on yourself can unconsciously drag you into the loop of negative self-talk and chasing perfection, wearing you out. So, taking a break, chanting some words of comfort to yourself and most importantly, treating yourself with love and kindness could make you feel contented and happier in the long run. No wonder kindness might have been one of the first few words you learned at school. And Dalai Lama considers kindness his religion, putting it across like this:

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama. 

On the other hand, being kind to others pulls you out of your ego and puts you in service to others. And the reward from opening up your heart is worth more than whatever the cost of your generosity might be. Even a study conducted by Harvard Business School by Michael Norton and his colleagues found out that volunteers who gave away some money to others were happier than those who had spent it on themselves.

3. Meditation

Have you been told that meditation is the best way to keep your mind healthy?

The goal of meditation is to focus your attention on each moment and gain awareness of your feelings and thoughts. And once you are aware of your true feelings and thoughts, you can even work to change them. So, when people mistreat you, you can learn to see things from their perspective and understand that they, too, have their struggles. It can help you tune in with your mind and body getting you closer to some of the answers you have been seeking. And somehow, training your mind to think differently through meditation can help release stress anxiety and begin a sympathetic dialogue with yourself and others.

4. Compassion

“I truly care about you and want the best for you”. Wouldn’t it be touching to hear people say this even more than they do today?

Believing that everyone is equal in their desire for happiness and their right to obtain it, you nurture a sense of responsibility and connectedness with them. You start wishing that everyone overcomes the struggles they face and even actively engage in helping them achieve what they want. Such genuine concern for others may foster compassion in your heart. And feeling compassion towards others rather than hatred or anger could bring peace to your mind. Finally, if your mind is at peace, your soul can remain contented. So, being a little more compassionate and doing a little bit more for someone else’s smile could bring a long-lasting warmth to your heart. Dalai Lama summarised it beautifully.

“Whenever there lives a compassionate person, there is always a pleasant atmosphere.” – Dalai Lama.

5. Happiness

Happiness might be the simplest yet, the most primary desire of a human. It is also the ultimate source of success in life. When you have a calm mind and a contented soul, you can say you are genuinely happy from the inside. Yes, a simple smile, a hug or a joke could bring happiness for some time. But in the long term, happiness and tranquillity come from a peaceful mind away from the feelings of hatred, anger or jealousy. And to free yourself from such negative emotions, insecurities or fears, you would have to develop love and compassion within yourself. Your humanitarian acts would not only make others happy but also bring joy to you. In the end, the more you care for the happiness of others, the greater your sense of well-being would be.

End note

When you recognise that all human beings experience pain and pleasure just as you do, you will eventually develop a deep sense of closeness with all the people you interact with within your life. You would pray for their best and even lend a helping hand if needed. And for every thoughtful act of yours, your mind and soul would be rewarded with happiness, peace and fulfilment. So, Understanding the law of impermanence, being kind and compassionate to yourself and others, meditating and spreading love could provide a refreshing start to your life.

Do you wish to adopt these universal values in your life too? Let us know if you found this article helpful.

Truly appreciate you taking some time off your busy schedule to read this article. See you soon with more mental health content. Stay tuned until next time. Goodbye!


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