5 Powerful Comebacks to STOP the Master Manipulator

Is there someone trying to manipulate you every time you talk? They just gotta have it their way, no matter what it takes… And maybe you’re aware it’s all manipulation, but you still can’t help it but to get angry! Everytime you wish you had a comeback for their manipulative tactics!

Well, if you want to stop that master manipulator once and for all, keep reading for some powerful comebacks!

1. “NO”

You probably already heard the expression: no is a full sentence. Even though sometimes you want to explain the reasons for rejecting someone (like when you talk to a friend or a family member), you don’t really need to justify yourself to anyone. No matter how hard a manipulator tries to make you do things their way, you have the right to refuse to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to say “no” and turn your back away – they’re really not worthy of an explanation.

2. “I don’t care about your opinion”

Manipulators usually take great pride in themselves. They believe their opinions are the only right opinions and they try to make you believe the same. And since they’re the masters of manipulation, most of the time they manage to push those opinions on others. But when you tell them you don’t care about their opinion, suddenly their tactics fail them. They can’t believe someone could possibly not care about their cherished opinion. If you use this comeback, you might get a confused face, and a minute of silence!

3. “I feel sorry for you”

It’s not uncommon for a manipulator to think they’re superior. And they also believe that everyone else thinks the same. That is also one of the reasons why they’re trying to gaslight you – they think you’ll believe anything they say simply because they’re so great and important. They expect admiration, so telling them you feel sorry for them could be quite shocking to hear. Bonus points if you explain why you feel sorry for them – they’re just a sad, lonely person trying desperately to convince themselves that others like them. Even though it’s far from the truth.

4. “I don’t have time for this”

Because, who does have time for that? Master manipulators feel the need to control and dominate everyone and everything. This also includes your time. They think they have the right to always be in your face with their tactics and demands. Tell them straightforwardly that there are so many things that are more important for you than they are. Let them know you’re not available for them and that you refuse to spend even one minute listening to what they have to say. 

5. “Don’t talk to me”

What better way to stop a manipulator than to not even engage in a conversation? Sometimes that can even be the only choice you’re left with. Of course, this comeback may not work instantly. Even if you try to shut them down, they will probably continue their mind games. That’s where you need to show that you really meant it. If possible, walk away from them, or simply ignore them – act as if they’re not there. This may seem petty at first, but your mental health and dignity is more important than their ego. Tell them you don’t want them to talk to you, and after that, make your actions speak even louder.

Closing thoughts

Saying those things to such a dominating personality can feel scary. You might be afraid of their reaction and anger. But refusing to let them hold any power over you is the most important step to free yourself up from their manipulative grasp. When you show them you’re not as weak as they think you are, they can’t see you as their prey. So take a stand for yourself and don’t be afraid of anyone!


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