5 Signs A Narcissist Likes You

Do you know how to recognize a narcissist when you see one? Is there someone in your life right now you suspect might be one? If the answer is yes and this person is someone you consider a friend or maybe more, you might be asking yourself, “Do they really like me? Are they even capable of genuinely liking someone?”

It can be tricky to figure out if a narcissist truly likes someone, as they often prioritise their own needs and desires over others. But understanding the signs that a narcissist likes you can help you set healthy boundaries and protect yourself in these kinds of relationships. With that said, here are 5 warning signs that a narcissist likes you, according to experts:


Because narcissists love being the center of attention, they assume that everyone else does, too. So one way they express affection is by lavishing someone with overwhelming praise and attention. This is a common manipulation tactic known as “love-bombing”, explains psychologist Dr. Alaina Tiani. But don’t be fooled; the narcissist’s goal is not just to gain your gratitude and affection, but to make you feel indebted to them as a means of controlling you and your relationship.


According to therapist Dr. Emily Mayfield, narcissists have a tendency to mirror the behaviors of people they like or admire because they experience other people only as extensions of themselves rather than separate individuals. So when a narcissist likes you, they may begin to share your interests, agree with your opinions, and adopt your mannerisms to create a false sense of intimacy. 


Similar to our earlier point, narcissists also have a tendency to introject the people they like into themselves because, again, they perceive other people only as extensions of themselves. Introjection happens when a person attributes what is in their own mind to someone else. So simply put, all the good things a narcissist likes about you they will come to believe is true about themselves, too. But in doing so — says mental health journalist Mark Randall Havens, whosw expertise is in narcissistic abuse recovery — you become a dettached fantasy used to support the narcissist’s ego. 


If a narcissist likes you, they’ll most likely start to care about your public image as much as they do about theirs. They will do everything to try and make it seem like the two of you are in the ideal relationship (or friendship) by carefully curating your social media posts about them and the two of you, as well as painstakingly coordinating your public appearances together (e.g., at parties or other social gatherings). According to licensed counselor Dr. Suzanne Degges-White, they’ll probably be more preoccupied with how good the two of you look together than how happy you really are. Because to a narcissist, all relationships are transactional; in their eyes, you exist to provide them with positive attention and not much else.


Like most people, a narcissist will go to great lengths to win you over and impress you if they like you. Because they are driven by the need for admiration and social validation, they will probably try to talk your ear off about all their exaggerated achievements, skills, talents, and prized possesions. They may also plan grand romantic gestures and flirt with you ceaselessly. But again, don’t let yourself get too carried away, warns Dr. Degges-White, because narcissists are notoriously skilled at using their charm and charisma to win people over.

So, do you relate to any of the things we’ve mentioned here? Did going through this list make you realize that a narcissist might like you? 

Although their actions are seemingly caring and heartfelt, it’s important to remember that these behaviors do not necessarily indicate genuine interest or affection in a narcissist. After all, narcissists are known for being manipulative. So if you suspect someone is a narcissist, it’s important to approach the relationship with caution and set boundaries to protect yourself.

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