5 Signs They Love You But Are Trying Not To Show It

Love is something that cannot be planned. We don’t choose to fall in love with someone so nice and sweet. But sometimes we’re forced to hide our feelings. The reasons for that could be numerous. Maybe that person is already with someone else, or maybe we fear that expressing our feelings could lead to our friendship falling apart. For those reasons and many more, it can be hard to tell if we are the ones occupying someone’s heart. Here are some of the tell tale signs someone is clearly in love with you, although they aren’t trying to show it.

1. They keep their distance           

Love is a wonderful feeling. But most of us can confirm it is also confusing. Sometimes being away from the person of your desire seems like the solution to get your head in order. But at the same time, love can also hurt, and the only way for you to make it bearable is to get away. Because of that, the person that likes you could be trying their best to keep their distance. They could avoid hanging out with you or suddenly ghost your texts. And even if you’d probably jump to the worst conclusion and think they dislike you, the truth could be the complete opposite – they like you too much!

2. They can’t stop looking at you          

Even if a person is trying to mask their love, they will certainly sometimes be caught looking at their loved one with a spark in their eyes. You know they really love you if you catch their gaze more than a few times a day, or if their eyes are set on you even with a dozen people around. You’re probably not just imagining – after all, it’s not for nothing that they say “eyes are the windows to the soul”. 

3. They know a lot of small details about you           

A good friend remembers some details about you. Like what  kind of coffee you drink, what your favorite TV show is… stuff like that. But you really have to ask yourself: why would somebody know about your lucky exam pencil or if you use two sugars or one? One notices and remembers tiny details like that when they are deeply invested, deeply in love in someone, whether they are trying to show it or not. So if you’re amazed by their trivia knowledge about your life, maybe it’s not just about friendship, but LOVE!

4. They don’t really talk much

Have you ever been in a pleasant conversation, and then suddenly something slips out, something that shouldn’t have been said? Well, hiding a feeling as strong as love can be a very daunting task. If a person is trying to not show their love, it makes sense to them to simply not talk much. While you’re talking, they let you speak, jump in with a few words here and there, but that’s about it. Because, what if their words give them away?

5. Your interactions affect their mood

Loving someone can often affect our emotions. So even if they try to hide it, everyday interactions with you can affect their mood. They simply can’t help but to put on a big smile, or to go through their day with a bit more enthusiasm. On the flip side, not seeing you, or having a small argument with you could make them appear a bit more gloomy or nervous. It’s not always easy to spot these small mood changes, but they are certainly there.

Closing thoughts

Did someone come to mind while you were reading this? Do you think they’ve been going out of their way to hide how much they like you? Let us know, and thank you for reading!


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