5 Signs you look more CHARMING than you think


Have you ever been under the weather and then when you see that person you immediately feel better, smiling as they approach? Such people naturally exude an air of charm, the whole atmosphere around them seems to be static with positive energy.

Charming people are those who are liked by everyone, and being a charming person gives life a more positive outlook.

You might know someone who fits that description, or you might be that person, but you just don’t know it yet. In this article, I will list 5 signs you are more charming than you think.  

Number 1, Your friends like talking with you. 

Usually, people ask about your day out of polite manners, not because they genuinely want to know what you have been up to. But charming people ask that question with sincere curiosity and not out of boredom.

Displaying charming habits will make you more approachable and easier to be around. Your friends will confide you in topics that are otherwise difficult to talk about.

Moreover, trust is easily built between both parties when the other person listens to what you are talking about and looks interested. Being an avid listener makes you more charming than you think.

Number 2, You are considerate and mindful.

When your friend comes to work usually late, you are usually worried about them. You start asking if something is wrong and what had happened. Some will tell you the truth, wishing for their worries to be lifted. But others close in on themselves and like a moment of peace to gather their thoughts.

Charming people will understand the situation and will not push for further explanations. Because they are sure when the other party is ready to talk, they will be there to listen to them.

When you wait for your friend to talk to you about their issues without pushing them that makes you a charming person.

Number 3, You are always smiling.

We communicate non-verbally through facial expressions when we meet another person. And most notable is a person’s smile. A smile (or the lack of it) is the first thing people often notice, it always stands out when present.

 “The people who make you smile from just seeing them, those are my favorite people,” says Koi Fresco.

Sometimes it is difficult to keep smiling, for example, you had a bad breakup, or your relative passed away. Smiling is a simple action, yet it has a huge effect. You don’t know when your smile has made someone else’s day.

When you are smiling and the other party is not, your smile is a positive sign, a reminder that not all is lost and there is hope and that makes you more charming.

Number 4, You navigate difficult situations.

When you have been working on the PowerPoint for the project all night long and suddenly the laptop’s battery runs out and you have not saved your work, it’s a disaster. Most people will start cursing and throw the laptop aside harshly.

Charming people are not immune to such tragedies; however, they handle them differently. Instead of throwing a tantrum, they calmly fetch the charger for the laptop first and slowly think about what to do next. When one thing does not work out, a charming person always has a plan B.

When you are composed in the face of hardships, and you do not panic but instead handle the situation with a level head it makes you more charming.

Number 5, You have open non-verbal language. 

Making eye contact when speaking with a crowd, using animated hand gestures, and talking with a light tone all sums up the non-verbal signs of a charming person.

When you give off a warm approachable atmosphere during a discussion meeting, or when you hug your friend in greeting, these are all signs you are more charming than you think.

To conclude, possessing a charming personality makes a person more appealing and mature. They are surrounded by people who wish to befriend them, and they have more opportunities in their professional life.

If your friends like talking with you, you are considerate and mindful, you are always smiling, you navigate difficult situations, and you have open non-verbal language then it means you are more charming than you think.

Do you relate to any of these signs?


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