5 Signs You’re NOT An Introvert (But An Awkward Extrovert)


Do you have days where you feel like going out with your friends and some days where you just want to be warm on your couch? Are you confused about whether you are an introvert or an extrovert?

Introverts like to keep to themselves, whereas extroverts are outgoing and love crowds. But that’s only broadly speaking, each social personality can be further categorized and customized. Like the saying ‘in black, there is white and in white there is black.’

In this article, we will dig deeper into the signs that reveal you are an awkward extrovert rather than an introvert.

Number 1, You stick to your group of friends

Unlike extroverts who are usually the star during a party, an awkward extrovert will tend to remain closer to the people they know best. Whereas introverts may be completely absent from the party.

Awkward extroverts will enjoy being around their friends, recharging their energy with activities and chatter. However, that does not mean interacting with a large group of people. Awkward extroverts selectively pick their friends, and they tend to stick with them for a long time.

Number 2, You need time to loosen up in social gatherings.

When meeting new people, one might be shy or awkward at the beginning. However, slowly conversations emerge, and friendships are formed. For an introvert, this transition can be very difficult. However, for an awkward extrovert, this process takes a little less time. The first impression an awkward extrovert may project is being reserved and quiet, but that does not last for a long time. As trust is slowly built, chatting becomes easier and bonds are formed.

Number 3, Fluctuating energy levels.

Awkward extroverts aren’t constantly surrounded by a crowd, unlike true extroverts. Some days an awkward extrovert likes to keep to themselves. They like to enjoy a cup of tea alone, but not as often as Introverts. For example, they do not turn down invites as much as introverts do. The reason is that social gatherings can be a bit draining on an awkward extrovert, they have expended their energy trying to be outisde their bubble so they deserve a break to recharge. Unlike Introverts in which being in a social situation alone increases their stress.

Therefore, according to Dr. Dara Bushman, a licensed clinical psychologist, once your battery is recharged you are ready to attend another gathering.

Number 4, avoid being the center of attention.

Awkward extroverts tend to avoid the spotlights and are content observing from the sides.

When challenged to a race or a duel extroverts jump at the chance. However, the same cannot be said for an awkward extrovert. They like to be the cheerleaders instead of the ring leaders.

For example, your friends are competing with another group in a game of tug-of-war. During this case scenario, awkward extroverts are whooping from the corner in support while laughing.

Number 5, you express your opinion freely. 

Unlike introverts who usually share minimal stories, an awkward extrovert is not shy from being part of the conversation. It’s important to point out that awkward extroverts are not the ones who strike a conversation first. They express their thoughts and opinions if asked directly and they have no issues with discussing topics that are of interest to them.

Imagine a group of friends sitting in a cafe discussing the latest trend in fashion. Awkward extroverts in this case will not fight to be the speaker but they will contribute to the conversation when given the opportunity. In comparison to introverts, who usually keep their thoughts to themselves.

In conclusion, there are a variety of social personality types. Among them is an awkward extrovert who likes to stick to their group of friends, needs time to loosen up in social gatherings, has fluctuating energy levels, avoids being the center of attention, and expresses their opinion freely. Do you relate to any of these signs?


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