5 Things People Do When They’re Attracted to You

I’m sure at least once in your life you felt those butterflies in your stomach when you saw that one person. And if that’s the case, you know what kinds of things those butterflies made you do and how they made you feel. 

And when they visit you, you know very well how to recognize them, but can you recognize when someone else feels the same towards you?

Maybe right now there is a person that has fallen head over heels for you. How can you know they like you, and how can you take a peek inside their mind to see what they really feel?

Keep reading and find out!

1. Showering you with compliments

Photo by: Eva Elijas from Pexels

When a person who is attracted to you sees you, they feel like they’re watching the prettiest sunset they’ve ever seen in their lives. Everything from your head to your toes is so beautiful to them, and it’s like a pretty little secret they just can’t keep to themselves.

So naturally, they feel the need to let you in on that secret – to tell you just how pleasing your image is to their eyes. Maybe the words “you’re so beautiful” would be too hard to utter, but they will find a way to make it easier. They might tell you how good your hair looks, that your outfit is so cool, how nice your perfume smells…  And it doesn’t have to stop there – they might tell you they like your taste in music or how well you’ve done something. 

They will look out for every opportunity to shower you with compliments, and you can be sure every compliment you receive from them translates to “I really like you”!

2. Innocent physical touch

Photo by: Anna Shvets from Pexels

“See how she leans her cheek upon her hand. O, that I were a glove upon that hand. That I might touch that cheek!” – this is what Romeo said about Juliet. 

In love, touching is also known as one of the love languages. And when somebody likes you, they might find it hard not to speak it. Attraction feels like a magnet, pulling their fingertips closer and closer towards you.

They might “accidentally” brush their arm against yours, or if they’re brave enough, put their hand on your shoulder in a “friendly” manner. If you’re close enough, they won’t waste the opportunity to hug you instead of saying hello. 

And, like Romeo, they will dream of being able to caress you one day!

3. Gifting you their time

Photo by: jcomp / freepik

Being the best friend you can be is often the first step to win over someone’s heart, and giving someone your time is the best way to achieve that.

So, a person who likes you will want to be near you any chance they can get. And also, they will want you to know you can always count on them, so they will offer you favors and help anytime you need it. Whether it be something small like giving you a lift home from the bar, or visiting you with a bag of fresh fruits and veggies when you’re sick. They will always be there to listen when you need it, and they will make sure you know you can keep their number on a speed dial. 

This will make them feel like they are your own personal superhero, and they won’t be able to get enough of that feeling!

4. Ignoring their phone

Do you hate it when you hang out with someone who always keeps checking their phone? It can be so frustrating to have to stop mid sentence just so they could check that Instagram notification they get, right? But with the person who’s attracted to you, you won’t have to worry about that. 

For them, you are the centre of their attention. How could they even think about checking Twitter when you are right there in front of them? You are the most important thing for them when you are in their presence, and everything else can be ignored at that moment.

But when you’re away from them and need to reach them, be sure they will get back to you in a matter of seconds!

5. Making sure they look pretty

Photo by: Gratisography from Pexels

When it comes to love life, we certainly want to present ourselves in the best way possible. And our physical appearance is maybe the easiest way to start.

If a person likes you, they want you to think they look nice, cute and attractive. When they know they’ll be seeing you, they will choose their best outfit and spend a good amount of time in front of the mirror making sure there are no creases or folds on their clothes.

They will be careful not to let a strand of hair run freely, and they might even keep nervously fixing it in your presence. You know that expensive perfume that waits on the shelf for important occasions? Well, for them, you are the important occasion, and they won’t think twice before using it before meeting you.

All in the hopes your heart skips a beat when you see them!

Photo by: Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

So here it is! Do you feel like someone you know is showing these signs and has a crush on you?

And maybe you think they’re kind of cute and want to give them a chance for their troubles?

In any case, have fun and thank you for reading!

Written by:
Stela Košić

If you wish to find out more about topics on attraction, feel free to check out some of the videos from Psych2Go’s YouTube channel:


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