5 Tips to Stop Fearing Judgment

Do you often find yourself worrying beforehand about what people might say about you?
Do you hinder yourself from doing things that you desire because you’re scared of people’s possible reaction?
If so, today’s article is just for you and for me too!
Here is 5 Tips to Stop Fearing Judgment.

1: Nobody Knows Exactly What’s Going On

Now and then we take our surroundings or even strangers opinions so seriously that it comes to a point where we act as if they knew our lives better than ourselves. It’s as if their words were more valuable or trustworthy than ours.
However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that they don’t know any better than us, EVER.
Human beings are way too complicated for outsiders to be able to know exactly what’s going on in everyone’s life.
To be honest, occasionally not even ourselves can understand what’s going on within us, how could the world do?

2: Nobody Is Superior to You

Whenever you hear any discouraging comment about something that you did or didn’t achieve, remember, nobody is superior to you or will ever be. That is simply impossible!
By the way, one of the key factors people judge others is to mask their own insecurities. By putting yours in the spotlight they get the chance to hide their fears and failures.
Don’t fall into that trap, no person is as perfect as they may seem and if they were to be they wouldn’t be so worried about shaming you in first place.

3: Nobody Has The Power to Define You

A few statements in life are more liberating than “nothing’s written on stone”, honestly that’s the most powerful affirmation we can say to ourselves because that reminds us of how people’s opinions have zero value when it comes to affecting who we are as a human beings.
We are always going to have our own point of view and so will the world yet, the words used to refer to us aren’t consistent and real enough to make that an universal truth about who we are in our essence.
No matter what they say or how bad they make it sound, we ARE NOT defined by what is being said about us!

4: Nobody Judges Everybody All The Time

Focusing on us this time, we can’t forget that a lot of times we suffer for judgement that hasn’t been said in real life. It’s understandable that we expect certain behaviors according to what we’ve experienced before still it’s not okay to struggle and stress prior the deed itself.

5: It’s Nobody’s Business

For the fear of criticism we oftentimes find ourselves reconsidering decisions that had already been made on an attempt to prevent future conflicts in regards of our personal life and choices.
That kind of attitude can effortlessly steer us into a quite dangerous road in the course of time because we softly stop living out lives for ourselves and start living our lives for others, when in fact, no matter how hard we try to live our life for the audience it will never be enough for them.
So next time you witness yourself pondering if you should or shouldn’t go on a certain direction, try to block the world’s future sayings and go by what makes your soul vibrate, being aware that no matter what you decide they’re automatically in an irregular position and you can’t live by that!

That’s all for today’s article, I hope it’s helpful and I’ll see you next Sunday!

Take care!

Camilla Oliveira

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