You might have seen a lot of quotes or memes of fun facts online. Though mostly it contains entertaining materials without practical uses, there are also some of these facts that could help you in daily life.

Socializing is very important, we as social beings cannot avoid interacting with other people. But sometimes, it is hard for us to be in a social situation and to interact, especially with someone you just met. Particularly in work or school circumstances, interacting with other people is very encouraged and even often demanded.

Or perhaps, you feel uncomfortable with something about yourself personally, and you want to know why. Or maybe you’re just curious. There are some fun, random psychology facts that could probably help you with this. Here are 6 mind-blowing psychology facts that work on people.


Multi-language People May Behave Differently Depending on What Language They’re Using

People who speak two languages or more may unconsciously change their demeanor and even personality when they switch languages. Language learning is more than speaking in a different kind of word and learn the meaning. It requires learning of pronunciation, style of speaking, body languages, and more. Therefore, sometimes other people could feel like a Multilanguage person is a completely different person when speaking another language.


In a Conversation, When Someone is Interested, Their Feet Would Point Towards You

Body languages could speak louder than words. And if you’re on a first date and want to know if this person is interested and or agreeing on what you’re talking about, look at their legs and feet. Despite that it’s true that eye-contact is one of the ways to find out about this, in some studies, it is more accurate to instead pay attention to their lower body.


Liars are Usually Better at Spotting Lies

Studies found that through habit, liars could be better at detecting other liars than people who don’t usually lie.


People Who Swear a Lot are Usually More Honest

Profanities are considered impolite in social situations. If you have a friend who swears a lot, this person could probably be the one you can trust in loyalty. Studies found that people who have ‘potty-mouth’ are usually more honest, loyal, and upfront than those who don’t.


Mind Control Over Body

Every cell in your body is controlled by your brain. So, this is why happier person seems to be healthier and a rather negative person would seem to be unhealthy. The more you think and feel positive, your body will produce more hormones that are beneficial for your health. Whilst, the more you think negatively, your body would more likely to receive the sign from your brain that you experience pain physically.


Singing Reduces Feelings of Depression and Anxiety

When you feel anxious or depressed, try singing. The activity of singing requires a lot of muscle movements, improve your breathing, and also boosting the production of particular hormones in your body. Several studies have proven that singing could help you to feel more relaxed.


So those are the list of 6 psychology facts that could blow your mind away. Hopefully, this article will help you in future events or circumstances.

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