6 Reasons Why INFPs are So Unique

The INFP personality type stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and prospecting. This personality type is considered the rarest personality, with only 4% of the world’s population having it. INFPs Their introspective, kind, and compassionate nature makes them alluring and automatically draws people towards them. They march to the beat of their drum and are usually pioneers and visionaries.

Unfortunately, INFPs are often the most misunderstood. Their unconventional approach to life can make others label INFPs as eccentric or weird. However, their unique way of seeing things makes them amazing! 

Below are six reasons why INFPs are so unique.

  • They feel everything deeply.

Being an intuitive type means that you often look inwards to find solutions. INFPs characterize themselves as mind dwellers. Because they are often introspecting, they are more attuned to other people’s emotions. For this reason, they feel emotions deeply.

  • They are healers of emotional wounds.

The nickname for INFPs is the healer. Healers value authenticity, empathy, and harmony, and they usually tend to act based on these values. INFPS are naturally caring and empathetic people who make it their mission to better understand others. They are individuals who often try to bridge divides and end up healing others as well as themselves.

  • People perceive them as awkward.

INFPs open perspective and approach to life can rub some people the wrong way. An INFP’s introspection and intuitiveness are often misconstrued as overly emotional, living in a fantasy world, or too idealistic. Although INFPs do sometimes daydream and can be emotional, they are more than these attributes.  

Their intuition does not make them illogical. An INFPs gut feeling aligns with their core values, and that is how they decide. Most of the time, their gut feeling helps them discern between a good and bad choice, no matter how logical the bad choice may seem.  

  • They are non-conventional.

INFPs are low-key rebels, which makes them badass. They are not blatant rebels, but their free-spiritedness and bohemian way of living make them understatedly cool. In a world filled with negativity and strife, INFPs always try to see the beauty of the moment. They are warriors of positivity and empathy, and what is cooler than that? 

  • They express themselves creatively.

INFPs excel in all forms of creative expression. Whether it is music, literature, dance, or painting, INFPs can do it! Their creative abilities put Apollo and the muses to shame. The source for all this inspiration? Their emotions. 

Although INFPs understand other people’s emotions, they rarely understand their own. They have trouble articulating their deep personal emotions to friends and family but feel catharsis in writing a novel or creating a painting that expresses how they feel. Creativity is the best way they can say what they are feeling. 

  • They look for a deeper meaning. 

INFPs chase substance and meaning. They prefer having jobs and relationships that are fulfilling instead of advantageous. INFPs are idealistic and are less likely to settle for something that does not align with their core values. Their idealism often makes them authentic relationships and careers. 

INFP’s idealism can make them seem impractical or illogical. But, it is that same idealism that inspires others to strive towards betterment. INFPs are creative souls who seek fulfillment in life, and why shouldn’t they. We only have one life. 


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