6 Secrets of the INFP Personality Type

Disclaimer: The MBTI is a personality inventory designed to roughly identify a person’s personality type, split into 16 categories. As such, it may be prone to not quite hitting the mark for everyone: so take it as a list of rough tendencies rather than strict classifications. This article’s primary intention is for providing entertainment and light-hearted content backed up by properly-vetted professional sources.

Are you an INFP personality type, also known as the “Mediator”?

INFPs are a rare type, making up around 4 to 5% of the population. They come across as quiet and reserved at first glance, but behind this demeanor is a rich inner world that’s vivid and full of life. They’re creative, free-spirited souls with a strong moral compass that can determine right from wrong.

Let’s look at six secrets of the INFP personality type.

INFPs Need Inspiration

INFPs are individualistic people, and they want more than anything to feel that their work has value. As such, INFPs tend to gravitate towards hobbies and artform that they can draw inspiration from. These could include things such as books, travel, music, and volunteer work. Do you know anyone that inspires you?

INFPs Crave Creative Expression

In a passing conversation, an INFP feels that they can’t convey their thoughts and feelings as well as they could. But as introverted feelers, they excel when pouring their feelings through artistic and creative mediums like art, music, or writing. The reason for this is that INFPs possess feelings that are deeply felt but not as easily conveyed, so they seek out creative avenues to create a shared experience that best conveys their feelings.

INFPs Are Healers

INFPs are not just extremely in touch with their emotions, but they deeply care about other people’s emotions as well. As this is the case, they are aptly called the “Healer” by the Keirsey Temperament system. INFPs have the traits that set them up to be perfect healers: their deep emotions, their caring nature, and their open-mindedness, which makes them very personable company to the people that they care about.

INFPs Can Get Extremely Passionate

Do you have a hobby or belief that you’re passionate about?

No other types can match the unwavering idealism of the INFP once they get it going. However, an INFP is not passionate about everything under the sun; they’re introverts after all. When it comes to casual conversations, the INFP can even be considered the calmest person in the group. The reason for the INFPs polarizing tendencies stems from their dominant introverted feeling (Fi) function, which can get extremely passionate or apathetic depending on the topic. 

INFPs Aren’t Interested in the “Rat Race”

Are you drawn to the corporate world and working there for the majority of your life?

INFPs aren’t driven by a lucrative paycheck, fame, or keeping up an admirable social image. What they care about is knowing that what they do matters. If an INFP works for a company they don’t believe in, they can easily burn out and jump to the next opportunity that comes their way. To keep an INFP happy, you should aim to spread inspiration and a worthy cause in the work that they do. 

INFPs Hate Conflict

Do you shy away from conflict?

INFPs are sensitive souls that are highly attuned to their innermost feelings. They take time to cultivate healthy relationships, and they are not afraid to be vulnerable to elevate the closeness of their friendship. However, confronting people and turning things sour can be a daunting task for most INFPs. As such, they are deft at coming up with creative ways to keep both parties happy and are willing to compromise to promote inner harmony within the group. By doing so, they’ll be happy and at peace too.

Closing Thoughts

Do you relate to any of the secrets of the INFP? Be sure to leave comments below to share your thoughts!

That’s all for now, Psych2Goers!


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