6 Signs Someone Is Into You (But Hiding It)

Do you have a feeling somebody is hiding their feelings for you? Maybe you caught them looking at you a second too long or you think their hugs are a bit more than friendly? But you’re not exactly sure if you’re just imagining things?

If they really do like you, maybe they are too shy to let you know, or scared of your reaction. So they try to hide it. But unfortunately for them, the body is not so good at hiding attraction. By paying close attention to some small details, you could see those signs of affection.

Here are 6 signs to look out for to see if they’re into you, but hiding it.

1. They open up to you

Do you feel like it’s easy for them to open up to you and tell you their secrets? Do they often come to you to ask for advice?

If the answer is yes, it means they feel comfortable with you. They trust you enough to show you their vulnerable side, and they think your advice means a lot. Of course, you could say: “But maybe they just think we’re very good friends!”. While that could be true, opening up to someone could actually make you fall in love with the person. 

In psychology, this is called self-disclosure. It means revealing personal or private information about one’s self to other people. While researching relationships, psychologists found that self-disclosure empowered feelings of closeness and intimacy. 

So, if they tell you all about themselves, it could mean there are some feelings in the mix!

2. They don’t talk about other people

Do they completely avoid talking about who they like? Or who they find attractive? Or maybe they completely change the topic when you ask them if they’re seeing anyone?

Unless they have some big secret going on about their love life, the reason for this could be their feelings for you. Not talking about other people could make them seem available for you, and they would want to leave open space for the possibility of you two getting together. 

They could also constantly mention how they’re single, and try to play it as a joke, for example: “Oh, I’ll be my own Valentine this year”. 

You could try and ask them about their love life and see their reaction – will they quickly change the topic while blushing and nervously looking away? Try it out and see.

3. They are trying to impress you.

Did you notice them dressing extra nicely when you meet? Or maybe they talk a lot about their achievements and accomplishments? And it is often followed by looking your way?

It could mean they want you to think the best of them. Naturally, when we like someone we want them to see us in the best possible light, so that maybe they grow attached to us too. If someone just can’t stop boasting about how great they are in front of you, their goal could be to show off all their qualities and prove they’re a great partner material.

4. They often compliment you

It seems obvious that if someone likes you they would compliment you, but remember – they’re trying to hide it! So, their compliments wouldn’t be direct and straightforward as “you’re so beautiful”, but instead they’d sneak it up every now and then, maybe without even realizing what they’re doing.

They could compliment your clothes, notice your new pretty haircut, say that you have a cool style… Or maybe they compliment you in front of a group, for example letting you choose the place where you’ll go out to eat because “you have such a great taste”. 

Try noticing those small and subtle compliments, and try to see if they offer them to other people around you. If you happen to be the only one who’s getting complimented, it should be a clear sign they’re into you!

5. They check your social media

In today’s Internet world it is not so unusual to follow everyone on everything. They might follow your different social media accounts and like your newest pictures from time to time. But did you notice them going on a liking spree or commenting on everything you post?

This could mean they spend their free time scrolling through your pictures wishing they were in those photos too. And if you get a notification saying they liked your pic from 36 weeks ago – you know what’s up!

6. Others tell you they might like you

Did your mutual friends tell you something like “they are always looking at you” or “I think they like you”?

While sometimes it gets confusing to read the signs when it comes to attraction, others may see it more clearly and objectively. Especially if you hang out together in a group – maybe they noticed how that person acts around you and when you’re not around, maybe they heard them often talking about you or asking about you.

So if someone else shares your suspicions, you are all probably right – they’re into you and don’t want you to know!

Closing thoughts

Of course, human emotions are much more complicated than this. None of these signs are a definite indicator that they’re into you, but if you notice some of these things often, it’s worth thinking it through. Now that you know what to pay attention to, you can look out to see how they behave next time they’re around. Maybe you realize they really think you’re more than a friend!

Thank you for reading!
Written by:
Stela Košić


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