6 Signs Someone Wants To Be Your Lover, Not Just Friends

Do you have a friend that’s lately been acting a bit… more than friendly? Do you feel they might actually have a crush on you? You may think it’s weird to think about it, but it’s totally possible! It’s not unusual for people to start liking their friends. Actually, we all like our friends in some way, and those feelings can sometimes cross the line between friendship and romantic love. But when you suspect that, it can be a confusing situation. Maybe you feel it would be too awkward to ask them directly. Luckily, there are some signs you could look out for and see if they fit your friend’s description. Here are 6 signs your friend actually wishes to be your lover.

1. They want to be near you all the time

Spending time with someone we like quickly becomes our priority. We always want to be near them, and we don’t even care what we do. Even sitting in silence is exciting if our crush is next to us. So if you notice your friend is trying to spend time with you, as much as they can, it could mean they want to be more than friends. If you usually hang out in a group, they might pull you aside to talk, sit next to you every time or walk next to you. They could even try to find ways to hang out with you without the group. Maybe they also text you more than they text others, and they don’t seem that interested in them as they are in you. And if you usually spend time one-on-one, they might seem a bit jealous when you already have plans with someone else.

2. They want to take pictures together

Do they constantly take out their phone to take a selfie with you? Even if they don’t seem to care about selfies with other people? Is their phone gallery full of pictures with the two of you? This could be a sign that they are so head over heels for you that they spend their days looking at your pictures and daydreaming of what could be.

3. They are always here for you

Do they blow off everything just to spend time with you? Are they willing to get halfway across town just to meet you for a half hour coffee? When somebody has deep feelings for a person, they are ready to go far and beyond, so a half hour walk in the rain just to see your loved one doesn’t seem so bad. This person is always ready to talk to you, looking forward to each message, be it 8 in the morning or the middle of the night. Having somebody who cares for you also means that person is going to listen more closely to what you are saying, meaning they are going to be able to understand your problems way better. And maybe the most important thing, you can be sure they are not gonna abandon you when you need help the most.

4. They notice change in your appearance

Do they notice when you get a haircut? Or when you wear that extra nice shirt for the first time? And maybe some other tiny little detail you thought no one would notice? If that description fits them, it means they’re paying attention! And paying attention to someone is usually a clear sign of attraction. They probably can’t take your eyes off of you, and noticing small things like that also gives them the opportunity to sneak a compliment!

5. They are nervous around you

Love can sometimes make us nervous and awkward. Being next to our crush can feel so exciting that we temporarily forget how to talk or walk. Does it seem like they’re kind of nervous around you? They may touch their hair or fix their clothes while anxiously looking your way. They probably feel like they need to be perfect around you, and they’re scared to mess it up. They want you to think they’re the best, so they’re trying to be the best when you’re around!

6. They avoid the topic of love

We all know it must hurt seeing your crush fall in love with another person. Another sign they like you is your “friend” trying to avoid talking about love life altogether. They change the topic or act nervous when someone asks about love. The thought of you ending up with someone else must be soul crushing. It’s quite possible that if they don’t have the courage to be open about their feelings towards you, they would rather stay in their little buble, hoping you notice their affection.

Closing thoughts

So, what do you think? Could there really be some sparks there? Do you know about some other sign that wasn’t mentioned?

Love is a complicated feeling. You can never know for real what makes a person’s heart beat faster. Try hanging out with them as you always did. If you like them too, you can encourage them to make the first move. You could send a dreamy gaze their way or smile extra wide. Even if you’re still confused about their feelings, time will tell for sure. Or maybe they tell you themselves, who knows! 


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