6 Signs They’re Into You, NOT Just Being Nice

When you like someone, it can be an exciting experience, but also a frustrating one. If you’re not the one who is usually direct about your feelings, you might be wondering how to read between the lines to know if they like you back. 

They are always polite, they act friendly, they start conversations… but are they just being nice? What if you make a move, and it turns out they aren’t as interested in you as you thought?

Knowing friendly from flirty can be a difficult task, but there are some subtle signs that could help you understand their actions better. Here are some of them:

1. They give you “friendly” hugs

It’s not unusual for friends to meet each other with a hug, but do you think that hug between you lasts a second too long to be just friendly? Or maybe they don’t usually hug their friends unless it’s you?

If you noticed you’re getting special hello and goodbye hugs, they probably mean more than that.

2. They remember everything you say

Do you usually remember little details people tell you about their lives? Unless it’s something that specifically caught your attention, you probably won’t remember it after some time.

So if they randomly remember what you said about your childhood pet or some similar small detail, it means they were paying close attention. And if they pay close attention, they probably like you and really care about what you have to say.

3. They take care of their appearance

Of course, when you like someone, you want to look the best you can, in hopes they fall for your awesome looks.

And if someone likes you, too, they tend to think the same. When they are near you, they will straighten up their clothes or comb their hair with their fingers nervously. Also, they will always wear their best clothes when they are near you, together with their best perfume.

3. They try to get near you

Maybe you’re sitting at a cafe bar, and they choose the chair next to you. Maybe you’re walking next to each other, and they walk so close to you that your arms almost touch.

If you notice them always trying to get as close to you as possible, it probably means they just can’t get enough of you.

4. They can’t take their eyes off of you

Eye contact is one of the most important and telling signals of non verbal communication, especially when it comes to attraction.

Even if looking at someone while simply talking could signify just being polite, stealing glances from across the room or even when you’re not talking can tell you they’re not just being nice. And even better if they turn their head quickly when you notice them staring – they are too shy to let you see they like you!

5. Small talk is not so small

When you’re being nice to someone, you probably engage in some small talk, especially if you don’t know them well. The weather is so nice today, have you been to that new restaurant, did you watch that movie last night…

It’s just something you do to pass the time. But when someone likes you, small talk will not be enough for them to know everything they want to know about you. They will engage in meaningful conversation with you, asking you about your everyday life, your interests, what you like and what you don’t, how your family is like… and of course, they’ll sneak a question about your love life!

6. They put their phone away, unless they are texting you

How often do you see people hanging out together, and instead of talking, they all just look down on their phones? Or they keep checking it for notifications every 2 minutes while you’re trying to have a conversation.

If a person likes you, you don’t have to expect that their phone will always be in sight. They will keep it on silent or in their pocket ans focus on you. It could seem they don’t even use it. But, when you’re not physically together, they won’t be able to let it out of their hands – sending you messages, music videos, memes or funny pictures will be more important.

Closing thoughts

Were you looking for these signs because you like them back? If you’re interested – try to play along. Give them some extra glance with the corner of your eye or an extra wide smile. Hopefully they get encouraged and make a direct move. Or you can be the one who makes a move!

Good luck!

Thank you for reading!
Written by:
Stela Košić


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