6 Signs You’re A Heyoka- The Most Powerful Empath

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine?” Do you have someone who always makes you laugh even on your worst days? Or maybe you are that person for your friends and family. What you may not realize is that description fits a Heyoka perfectly. Heyoka is a Lakota word that means scared clown or fool. Much like other empaths, they are extremely receptive to other’s feelings and can actually experience other people’s emotions. They have such a strong capacity for others they cannot control when or to what degree they experience other’s happiness, anger, sadness, and more. However, what makes a Heyoka the most powerful empath is their ability to use humor and laughter to uplift others. This, combined with their strong empathy, makes them some of the best people you’ll ever meet. Curious to know if this describes you? Here are 6 signs you’re a Heyoka!   

1. You’re invested in other people

Do you sometimes feel as if you experience other people’s emotions stronger than they do? You may feel sadder about a breakup than the people involved seem to be, or you could get angrier at someone who wronged a loved one than they were. What this means is you feel the emotions of others, and, especially for someone you care about, you tend to magnify their feelings as your own. Because Heyokas place so much emphasis on laughter and happiness, you cannot stand to see anyone wronged or upset. Their problems and feelings become yours, which can be difficult and painful at times, but ultimately makes you one of the most caring people out there.

2. You give the best advice   

Do others seek you out specifically for help? Due to their empathetic nature and ability to make others laugh, Heyokas offer the perfect mix of cheering up and advice. Their impeccable problem solving and humor draws friends, family, and sometimes complete strangers in for conversations. Are you known as the therapist in your friend group? If so, you could be a Heyoka! 

3. You tend to do the opposite of the norm   

Have you ever thought you just don’t fit in? Whether it be due to differing beliefs, goals, or personality traits, Heyokas often find themself at odds with normal roles and expectations. This could be because Heyokas tend to think differently than others, focusing on emotional and spiritual connections rather than material possessions and instant gratification. They’re not focused on getting the most likes on social media or saving up for the newest phone; instead, they spend time engaged in deep, creative thought and reflection. If you find yourself thinking you’re the only person out there who isn’t obsessed with the latest trend, you might just be a Heyoka.   

4. You spend time alone   

Do you prefer to stay home alone rather than go out with friends? Despite having strong social skills, Heyokas, and empaths in general, might find going out too exhausting. Because they’re constantly feeling what others do, it can become hard to healthily regulate their own emotions. So, they need time alone to rest, recharge, and sort out their thoughts and feelings. Taking some alone time is also another form of doing the opposite of the norm, so if both of those describe you, you could be a Heyoka.

5. You’re honest with yourself and others   

Can you spot a liar from a mile away? Since Heyokas are very attuned to the emotions of others, they have no trouble telling when someone is lying. This means they’re more likely to ask deeper questions or call someone out when they aren’t telling the truth. While it may sometimes come off as harsh, in reality, they simply want to know what’s really going on and don’t like it when others aren’t being genuine. This honesty applies to themselves as well, meaning a Heyoka will be truthful about what they’re going through and their inner thoughts. Do you know who is and isn’t being authentic? If so, not only are you a great judge of character, but you might also be a Heyoka!   

6. You frequently interrupt people 

Do you often blurt out your thoughts right away without waiting for the other person to finish? While it may sound like a bad trait, when it comes to Heyokas, they likely have more honest reasons behind interrupting than trying to be rude. Heyokas generally have many thoughts and emotions going through their mind at a time, so when they think of something they want to say, they might become too excited to wait. They’re also more likely to forget their response as more feelings and thoughts emerge within a conversation, so they say what they’re thinking immediately to avoid losing it. If you’re always interrupting others to add a lighthearted joke or some advice, you might be a Heyoka.  

Being a Heyoka, and empath in general, is great, but it can also come with many drawbacks and inconveniences. They give so much energy and care to the people around them that it sometimes leads to emotional burnout. So, if you or someone you know is a Heyoka, don’t forget they need love and rest as well.  

Are you a Heyoka? If not, do you know someone who is? What are they like? Feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, or experiences down below!     

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