6 Ways To Improve Self Esteem

The American Psychological Association defines self-esteem as the degree to which qualities and characteristics inside one’s self-concept are perceived to be positive. Your self-esteem is an amalgam of your physical self-image, accomplishments, capabilities, and perceived success. Self-esteem depends on the cumulative perception of these qualities and characteristics by you and others. In short, it is your opinion of yourself. 

Some of us are blessed to have an environment that fosters high self-esteem. Others are not so fortunate. But, despite unfortunate circumstances or events, you can cultivate high self-esteem. Think of the hero who had a difficult childhood or a rough start in life. Despite the trials they faced, they were able to forge ahead. 

There will be moments that will knock you down and make you give up. They will create doubt and leave you feeling insecure and unmotivated. You may feel like all your ambitions and goals are pointless. But, when you stop believing in yourself, it’s over. Your self-esteem plays a role in your future success. So much so that if you stop believing in yourself, it will be difficult for you to achieve your goals. 

 Hopefully, these few tips can help you believe in yourself again. 

  • Stop comparing yourself to others. 

Comparing yourself to someone else will never bring anything good. It just pressures you. We all have role models and people we look up to, and they serve an important role in our growth and development as people. They are blueprints for the people we want to become. However, there is a fine line between comparing yourself and admiring someone. You can admire and even aim to be as good as someone. But, never compare your journey to theirs because you do not know all the work they did.

  • Move

Most articles encourage working out, and it’s great! Working out establishes a routine and forms discipline. But, this section can refer to any kind of movement-literal or abstract. When you feel bad about yourself, it is easy to get stuck. Your inner critic often whispers discouraging words that prevent you from moving forward. So, the best way to combat getting stuck is to move. Prove your inner critic wrong. Make strides to accomplish your goals. 

  • Abandon perfectionism. 

Despite what social media tries to portray, no one leads a perfect life. Attempting to create one just causes stress and can eventually destroy your self-esteem. Perfectionism destroys your self-esteem because you will spend your life chasing after something that is not real. While in math perfection seems obtainable, in the natural world, it is an illusion. No one is perfect, and holding yourself up to that standard is impossible. 

  • Figure out what you are good at and develop it.

Your self-esteem grows when you demonstrate to yourself your ability and competencies. So, if you are a good cook, share your recipes or start a food blog. Partake in activities that allow you to show off your skills–whether showing them off or learning more about them.  

  • Detach yourself from your thoughts.

Negativity can be a potent poison that whittles down your resolve. It can trap you in an illusion that makes you believe that progress or anything remotely positive is impossible. Hence, detaching yourself from your thoughts is helpful as it will allow you to nurture your self-esteem. But, to detach yourself from your thoughts does not mean suppressing your feelings.

  • Love yourself. 

Detaching yourself from your thoughts means acknowledging them and loving yourself regardless. Challenging circumstances can breed negativity which usually propagates and builds a cycle of negativity. This cycle often prevents you from seeing past your flaws.

However, loving yourself regardless of your flaws is the only way to move forward.  

Self-esteem is necessary to move forward in life. The moment you stop believing in yourself, you abandon hope of success. So, please do not give up on yourself. If you struggle with your self-esteem, seek professional help. 


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