7 Psychological Tricks that Can Help You Make a Good Impression

It takes time to really get to know someone. But, first impressions act as the gatekeepers that often determine whether someone is willing to spend more time to learn about you. In fact, research has shown that a first impression is made within seven seconds of meeting someone new. The details that someone takes in about you —from your smile to the way your present yourself —all factor into how they perceive you to be. Whether you want to ace that job interview or score a second date with a potential lover, it’s important to pay attention to how you project yourself. Psych2Go shares with you 7 psychological tricks that can help you make a good impression:

1. Be enthusiastic!

Show interest in the person you meet on your first date or make your passion known for the job you are interviewing for. I landed my first date with my boyfriend, because the first thing he noticed about me was my warmth. Energy is simply contagious. Don’t hold back or be afraid to show that you are excited about something. In fact, people often find it as a sign of strength and inspiration that is charming and irresistible. You can show enthusiasm by smiling and incorporating friendly humor. Of course, you don’t have to over-do it by smiling until your cheeks hurt or cracking a joke every few seconds. But, doing these actions will make you seem approachable, easygoing, and not intimidating.

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  1. Hi! This is a particularly useful article especially for those who are anxious about not standing out enough during important events in their lives. Everything here was well written and developed. I do have a couple of suggestions for ways in which you could develop these points to include some more tips.
    For point 3, an idea for trying something new regarding dates is to choose something (for example, paintballing) that neither one has experienced before. Sharing reactions to something new – whether good or bad – can actually act as a topic of conversation and can also be entertaining. Not to mention, it is an ice breaker which is particularly useful if they have only just started dating.
    The issue you’ve raised in Point 5 can be particularly worrisome for those with social anxiety, as one can suddenly become aware that they have spoken about themselves for a long period of time. A tip for dealing with this and not creating the wrong impression, is to talk about the bigger reasons and issues in the world that affect your motivations for doing what you do. This will give the impression that you are engaged with current issues in the world and also helps to develop an air of humility.
    Another general piece of information that I thought was interesting to the topic is the effect of clothing colours on first impressions. For example, wearing red on a date can stimulate feelings of hunger, bizzarely enough. And wearing blue to a job interview can apparently inspire confidence. A further general tip for job interviews is to try (if possible) to arrange your interview to either be first on the list of candidates or last on the list. This actually increases the likelihood of the interviewer remembering you due to the primary and recency effect on memory.
    Overall a great article with a lot of useful information for readers!

    1. Hi Rosie, thanks so much for reading. =) Those are some excellent points you bring up. I took into account your recommendations and developed points 3 and 5 further. Thanks for your help! Have a great day!

  2. I am a Human Resources, Recruiter and found your article on point, very useful and honestly, it was a little “wake up check” for me. I try to assist candidates with preparing for their interview but after reading your article, I realize that I need to include a few more tips!
    Thank you!
    – Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy, thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts with us! I’m so glad the article was of help! 🙂 We aim to provide helpful insights everyday to our readers and fans like you! Interviews can be nerve-wracking. I’m glad you found some tips you can give to the people you interview to make it a better experience for all of you. Have a great day! ♥


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