7 Reasons Why A Girl Doesn’t Want A Relationship

Dear guys (and girls, I’m not going to be exclusive here), sometimes you need to learn to take ‘no’ for an answer. Not everyone who is single wants to date, and – sorry, but someone has to say it- not everyone you meet is going to be interested in you. It’s most likely nothing personal. Even if it is, you should respect that rejection no matter how much it might hurt. If a girl isn’t interested, it’s not the end of the world.

Rejection can hurt even more when there’ve been mixed signals. Sometimes a girl’s behavior can be flirty without her even realizing it, or she may be in the market for a different type of relationship than you’re asking her for.  If you’re confused, don’t worry; plenty of others are in the same boat. For all anyone knows, the girls who don’t want a relationship may be just as confused as you are.

Luckily, I can help provide some insight. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum between wanting a boyfriend in the worst way and never wanting to see a man ever again. I’ve been rejected, and I’ve rejected others for a variety of reasons. Nine times out of ten, it’s nothing personal and the two of us have moved on and been just fine. Sometimes, though, there’s that one person that just can’t let it go. It’s not an easy thing to reject somebody, especially for the second or third time, but the hardest part about being pursued after an attempted rejection is the lack of respect that can develop between the two parties.

Oftentimes, respect comes out of understanding. Especially if there’s been mixed messages in the past, it can be tough to understand why a girl may not want a relationship. There could be a lot gong on in her life, or she may just prefer the life of a bachelorette. Here are seven reasons why some girls don’t want a relationship.

1. They’re Prioritizing Other Aspects Of Their Life


Relationships can be time consuming and energy draining. Some ladies need their time and energy to focus on something, like her career or a passion project. It’s nothing against you, it’s just that something else has that special place in her heart right now.

2. They Want Sexual Variety

Not everyone is into the idea of an open relationship, so most people consider sex outside of a monogamous relationship to be cheating. If a girl wants to keep some variety in her sex life, a boyfriend or girlfriend is most likely out of the question. Not to say that monogamy can’t be exciting, but some people just prefer something new every few nights.

3. They Are Busy

If she’s got a lot going on, the stress of a relationship can just be too much. Many girls learn this the hard way, and once they’ve learned they’re a lot more selective about relationships. This doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of being her beau, it just means she knows herself well enough to say she has enough on her plate.

4. They Are Not Ready To Be Vulnerable


It’s not uncommon to run into someone with a fear of commitment or intimacy. People can get too comfy with being unattached after traumatic or heartbreaking experiences, or they can be afraid of trusting another person if they’ve never been in any kind of close relationship before. Whatever the reason may be, some people take more time to open up to others.

5. They Still Need To Focus On Themselves

One life-saving thing I’ve learned from my relationships is that I can’t count on anyone to take care of me other than myself. I know when the time comes, life will bring me someone who treasures me more than life itself, but even that special someone can’t be there to pick up my messes 100% of the time. Everyone has hardships and tragedies in life when they need to focus on themselves and can’t be there for someone else no matter how much they want to. I’ll need to take care of myself then, and I need to take care of myself now, even if that means not being able to care for someone else sometimes.

6. They Don’t Want To Share Everything

There’s no shame in being selfish! We need to take care of ourselves and make ourselves happy. If a bed all to myself and a table for one makes a girl feel her best, she won’t give away her life of luxury to share her limelight.

7. They Are Just Not Interested


Anyone can find themselves in a position when they just aren’t attracted to the person who just asked them out, but a mature woman will be straightforward about it. She won’t lead you on or disrespect you, but a rejection like that is going to sting nonetheless. Sometimes, it is personal.

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  1. The one ive been paying my attention to has given me many mixed signals. Not interested, just friends then 2 days later calls and wants company. Not sexual tho the tension is there. I am also an ex of one of her friends. I know the group she hangs with is pressuring her with the old” dont date your friends ex” thing even though i know my ex has actually been my ” wing woman” on this.
    After near 8 mths of this, she has decided we are just friends bit now wont communicate with me. Im tired and have had enough.

  2. There’s another reason: sexuality.

    Take me: I’m not interested in relationships at all. granted, a portion is due to nothing but bad experiences, but as for the rest, it’s because I’m Asexual.

  3. I tried to find the ”shocked” emoji but there is none. Seeing a girl saying those things above is simply shocking, because I feel this may the truth and why I got rejected by two girls I loved on a time space of 6 years.

    It is the reality of a world that is prone to all our scourge that keep us down as species. 90% of the reasons given on this text are mere product of selfishness or pure disdain about empathy. Rejecting someone because of personal and mundane tasks (or confusing something) shouldn’t be the first answer, specially if there may be love involved then it is something primarily worth of investigating…

    I wouldn’t say the same for a mere crush but that can also be involved. Whatever is the case the author of the text literally embraces the cold aspect of it and even assume to have been a victim – and a perpetrator altogether, with no troubles at all and without noticing the paradox of it. If it only matters what “one” thinks without any sort of consensus, this is an act of selfishness by the rejector.

    You take some part of the given reasons, that’s human needs and no one can argue against that, I got that part. But what is shocking is to assume this dark and very dangerous stance: “confusion is normal.” We’re sentient species but yet we fall down to instincts even when finding a counterpart.

    Rejecting a possible important thing not yet developed or not even discovered yet in the case of any romantic interest, just for mere mundane and worldly tasks can only be named as selfishness. ”I tried before rejecting” is far more acceptable and thus less shocking to me.

    But don’t be absorbing all the information you read from me or the author. If we live on a materialistic world it is far too obvious that this will be prone to intervene for better or for worse, yet some of it can leave the whole thing unjust. While most religion keeps saying that there is no salvation without them or without their church I bring you another line. love is the real salvation. With real love, positivity is guarantee to bring peace for you naturally, even if you end up alone. Why? Because love brings no negativity towards the subject of your love. If you don’t respect him/her then it isn’t love.

    If you end up without the one you love whatever is the reason just remember, 2 hearts needs the same beating for it to work and that should be enough. You don’t need quantum science to understand unrequited love. If there is no answer coming back at you, ”move on” is a very rude word for your heart but the most rational thing to do if you really love yourself.

  4. I was chasing the “don’t ruin my future for a little pleasure now” kind of girl. She didn’t make it all that clear. So I kept on pursuing until some point, she probably hates me now.

  5. Iam 57 and I just dont want to be with anyone man or woman is that bad or iam I not normal?


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