7 Signs It’s Only Friendship, Not LOVE

(This article is for educational purposes and is based on personal opinions. This article is not a substitute for professional advice, but general guidance. We advise you to always listen to your intuition and always do what is right for you.)

You’ve got this one unique buddy and you’re wondering whether your relationship could develop into love. We’ve all been there. Falling in love with a good friend is an appealing concept. You already know and adore each other as friends… so why not give it a go?

But how can you tell if it’s only a friendship or if there’s something more going on? It might be awkward to suggest dating a friend. You may be concerned about losing your friend if the relationship fails to work out. In this article, we’re going to indicate 7 signs it’s only friendship, not LOVE.

1. You don’t fantasize about the future together.

When you love someone, it’s easy to imagine what your future would look like together. But when you’re simply in a “friend zone,” this isn’t the case. If you find yourself thinking of all the ways that a real relationship could be bad for your friendship or vice versa, then it’s more likely to be friendly feelings you have rather than real love.

2. You don’t mind seeing other people date your friend.

When your love for your friend is not platonic, the last thing you want is to see them with another person. If your friend finding a new partner doesn’t bother you at all, then chances are you aren’t in love with them.

3. You’re not interested in learning more about your friend’s life outside of the friendship.

When you love someone, it can be hard to tear yourself away from them even when you don’t see each other for days, weeks, or months at a time. This makes you want to learn more about them, like what they are doing in their life, what they’re working on, how they are feeling. If you aren’t interested in this information, it may be because your feelings are more friendly than romantic.

4. You don’t feel the need to spend every free moment with them.

When you love someone, being apart can be difficult. You feel the need to spend every free moment together. If you’re apart for too long, it starts to take a toll on your mental health. If this isn’t how you feel about your friend, then chances are your feelings are more friendly than romantic.

5. You don’t flirt with them (or vice versa).

If flirting doesn’t come naturally to both of you, that can be another sign that there is no romantic love between the two of you. There should be some spark happening in order for love to develop!

6. Your feelings for them feel one-sided. 

If you feel like an extra wheel when spending time together, it may be because of the lack of romantic feelings. A healthy relationship should involve some give-and-take. If you don’t feel like there is any reciprocation of interest or if they seem to enjoy your company more than you do, it may be that they are just a good friend rather than someone who might share romantic feelings with you.

7. You don’t feel butterflies in your stomach when you’re around them.

When you love someone, it can be hard to contain your emotions. Oftentimes, the feelings are so strong that they take over and you become nervous or anxious. Your skin may tingle, your face may turn red or your palms may begin to sweat just from having them near you. If this isn’t how you’re feeling about your friend, then there’s a good chance there is no romantic connection between the two of you.

We hope that this article helped you realize whether or not your feelings for a friend are platonic, romantic, or somewhere in between. In the end, it’s okay to just be friends. If you’re happy together, then that’s all that matters. Did we miss any signs? Let us know by commenting below! Till next time!


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