7 Signs You’re Spoiled

Have you ever wondered if you’re spoiled? Maybe you grew up with a loving family who spoiled you like crazy. Or maybe you’ve been spoiled later in life. What signs could give this away to others? Well, here are seven common signs that you are indeed spoiled.

  1. You Give Up Too Easily

How soon do you give up on difficult tasks? Some tasks or assignments can be so hard to the point where we want to give up right away. But if you find yourself giving up on most tasks – with only the slightest of difficulties – you may just be spoiled. If you get everything from others, whether that be your parents or friends, then there may have been times where you didn’t need to work for something. You didn’t need to earn any money to buy items growing up, or maybe you didn’t need to get a job when you were older. So when difficult tasks come along, they just appear more difficult to you, or your determination simply falters too soon.

2. You Complain More Than You Enjoy

How many times do you complain in a day? Go ahead and count. I’m waiting… That piece of cake you had for dessert? Too sweet. That couch at your friends house? Too uncomfortable. What about Uncle Larry’s late birthday gift to you? You already have something too similar to it. *sigh* If you’re complaining about little inconveniences in life more than you enjoy it, then it’s likely you may be spoiled. Ah, poor Uncle Larry. If you’re used to getting what you want for a long time, then you may start to find that any little inconvenience is worth a complaint. They’re simply not up to your standards.

3. You Start Too Many Sentences With “I Need” Rather Than “I Want”

How often do you say “I need” when you really mean “I want”? If you always went to your parents insisting that you needed the newest iPhone, or as a child, you persisted that you needed that new toy, then it’s likely you were used to getting everything you actually wanted. It’s very important for children to distinguish their needs from their wants. When they more so believe that they need something that isn’t an actual necessity, they’ll likely react with more disappointment when they are deprived of what they want.

4. You Hate Spending Money

Nobody likes spending money that much. But, if you find you really have a hard time paying your side of the bill, or you flinch when you have to pay for something you actually need, this could mean that you’ve frequently been gifted things in life. You never had to spend your hard-earned money because you never needed to! Instead of saving up your allowance for a new toy as a child, someone simply bought whatever it you wanted – hardly no questions asked.

5. You Don’t Offer Help Often

Do you offer to help others? When you see someone struggling do you often think to rush to their side and lend a hand? Do you practice gratitude and giving to those less-fortunate when you can? Well, then you’re likely not spoiled. If you don’t often offer help to those around you, such as holding a door, or lending a hand when someone drops something, then you may be spoiled. It can be quite common for spoiled individuals to not think of others as often as they think about their needs. Here we go again with that word. But practicing gratitude and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes may just help you develop and instill this trait of generosity.

6. You React Strongly to Minor Disappointments

How strong do you react to daily disappointments? A sign of being spoiled is overreacting to even the smallest of disappointments or flaws. If you are used to getting everything your way most of the time, you’re likely not used to being disappointed. So when anything negative happens, you are a bit surprised and thrown off simply because you’re not used to these types of situations.

7. You’re Not That Independent

Have you always been dependent on someone? Either emotionally or financially? Well this too is a well-known sign of being spoiled. You’re used to things being done for you, so independence is something you struggle with. You’re not great with organizing or planning your life together because others usually do that for you. It’s not to say all is lost if you find you may be spoiled. You’ve likely been living a pretty sweet life! A bit too sweet according to your dessert preferences… If your parents spoiled you, it’s likely they love you, which is something to be happy about. These skills of independence can be developed with practice and determination. So when your next difficult task comes around, know that it may not be as tough as it seems. Push through, take it easy on the complaints, and keep working hard. Sooner or later those tough tasks won’t be as difficult as they seemed. They’ll be a piece of cake! Speaking of which, I need to have a slice right now.

So, do you have any of these signs? Which ones? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below!

Written by Michal Mitchell

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