7 Things Only INFP Can Relate To

If you identify as an INFP, you probably are used to being described as someone highly independent, individualistic, free-spirited, empathetic, or reserved. Although these traits are wonderful to have, not many will understand and will ultimately differentiate you. 

Below are a few experiences INFPs can relate to.

  • Your values are everything in your life.

As an INFP, your core values are your guideline. They help you discern between beneficial and inconvenient choices. Your lifestyle, your career, and your relationships are all aligned with your values. As a result, you strive for meaningful and authentic endeavors.   

  • You do a vibe check before making friends.

INFPs aim for sincerity in all that they do. They live life striving for harmony and authenticity. Unfortunately, INFPs frequently encounter people who want to take advantage of them. These bad experiences provide lessons. Those lessons and a high degree of intuition can make an INFP into a human lie detector. In time, they become highly observant and sensitive towards people’s behaviors and intentions. 

Additionally, your intuition is aided by your prospecting personality trait. This trait allows you to gauge situations as they evolve.  

As an INFP, you can quickly tell if someone is emotionally manipulative or a hypocrite. Although you try to give people the benefit of the doubt, your instincts are rarely wrong. 

  • Your daydreams fuel your creativity.

As an INFP, you will find yourself daydreaming quite a bit. Your inner life and imagination are rich and vibrant, and you find yourself on frequent trips to different worlds or future timelines. If uninterrupted, you can spend hours exploring ideas, theories, and visions. You tend to think towards the future and find abstract conversations invigorating. Unfortunately, reality pales in comparison to your imagination. Having to re-read a page is something that occurs often. Even though this rich inner life can sometimes present itself as a problem, it can also propel you towards more creative careers such as writing or painting. 

  • You are open-minded.

INFPs welcome change and see it as growth opportunities. Change offers new challenges and ideas to explore. Their innate idealism protects them from cynicism. 

As an INFP, you might feel comfortable and at ease at the thought of switching careers or moving to a new country.

  • You sympathize with misfits.

People often misunderstand INFPs. They sometimes are seen as overly sensitive procrastinators with bad management skills. Although INFPs do have faults, they are not what most people think about them. 

INFPs are deeply empathetic, more so than any other personality type. Because they are often misunderstood, INFPs have a soft spot for those who do not fit in. They are drawn to the underdogs, misfits, and marginalized. INFPs prefer to see other people’s potential rather than their shortcomings. Their sincere empathy makes them believe in the good of others and of humanity. 

  • You can become obsessed with a project.

INFPs are passionate, unconventional, and independent. When they care about a topic, they invest their time into it to the point that they may appear obsessive. Their idealistic nature and perfectionism makes them lose track of time whenever they are working on a project. They can become overly concerned about the details and strive to make it perfect.

  • You don’t like routines.

Being expected to do things in a specific way can be stifling for a creative and unconventional INFP. As an INFP, you prefer to tackle things creatively–finding new and exciting ways to get to where you want to go. However, bureaucracy and tradition can sometimes get in the way. Hence, a traditional 9 to 5 desk job with repeating projects is not the right job for an INFP. 

INFPs can sometimes appear quirky or strange. Their independence and non-conformist attitude can sometimes make some people uncomfortable. However, if given the space to be themselves, INFPs’ uniqueness and empathy make them incredible. 

Let us know in the comments below if you relate to any of these qualities! 


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