7 Tips For a New Beginning

Would you like a new beginning? Do you find trouble ending phases and starting fresh ones? 

If so, you might need a little help from today’s article. 

May I present to you 7 Tips For a New Beginning.

1: Allow Yourself to Be Down

It’s impossible to move on if we don’t permit ourselves to go through the phases that we need to face. We can’t just press a button on the life remote because we don’t have one! 

What we can actually do is to accept and live the moment in which we’re currently in so that, we can release it when it’s time to start a fresh one. 

Accept it, live it, make room to welcome the new.

2: Acknowledge Your Wounds 

We won’t necessarily go to the next level of our lives if we don’t learn from our hurt, that’s self acknowledgement, that is learning about who we are and what has the power to affect us. Also known as shadow work.

How could we possibly heal from what’s causing us pain if we don’t even know our pain? In moments of turbulence, dealing with the sorrow might be quite requiring I know, but running away from it will not repair anything. 

Therefore if you need to cry, scream and shout go for it! When you learn about your fears, insecurities, traumas or whatever it is you make yourself stronger and more likely to protect yourself better.

3: Set Boundaries 

Now that you know your limits from doing shadow work it’s time to set your boundaries because you know what is susceptible to afflict you.

Don’t think you’re crazy or mean for setting boundaries, caring for your mental health has nothing to do with being bitter, it’s all about self love and we’re all deserving of it no matter what the world thinks of it. 

Some will understand, some won’t. However, none of it matters because we know our highs and lows better than anyone else in this world. 

Remember that you are the only one feeling for yourself and fighting your battles, there is no one who owns the right to steer your life more than you do.

4: Have a Support System 

Certain times in our journey we believe there is no one for us, that we are completely solitary. That is not true!

Even if we don’t have anybody around us who could physically help us, we can yet look for support online or even in nature or through animals, like a pet.

Outside our homes, jobs and cities reside beautiful communities filled with people that love, comprehend and care for us.

Don’t hesitate in asking for help, there will always be someone there for you!

5: Get to Know Yourself 

Your new beginning is starting to approach, it’s exciting isn’t it? But how are you going to attract what makes you the happiest if you’ve been restraining yourself in order to fit roles that were never yours this whole time? 

I understand that when we feel inadequate all we want is to be accepted, for that we might lose ourselves a little bit (or a lot) along the way. 

A new life is all about authenticity, it’s a second change that we so fairly deserve. Nonetheless, to creat the life of your dreams you’ve got to be honest with yourself and ask you sincerely what you like and dislike, be bold and and answer candidly.

The world has wrongfully denied you for way too long, now it’s time to own up and love yourself!

6: Try Finding People Who Are On The Same Page

This could also play the part of a support system but not precisely as you could enroll yourself in a water painting class and not have your classmates being your confidents, it’s totally fine!

What finding people who are on the same page as you is all about is getting in alignment with your own path, it’s about finally doing the things that you love and going to places you want to be at.

It’s about not forcing to fit in, it’s giving you the gift of knowing you were never inadequate and hard to love, it’s being presented to the reality of not being alone!

7: Forgive 

We can do better than being half on this new chapter and half on the past one, yet it’s easy not to be fully in the present when we are still attached to our former companions and old maltreatment.

Don’t get me wrong, forgiving is hard work to do and it demands time, we should never rush. However, we should also not ignore the fact that it has be done!

We might refuse to implement it in our new life trusting that our abusers don’t deserve our forgiveness even so, keep in mind that nothing is being done on their behalf, it’s for us and for us only. 

No matter how long it takes, when we are able to at last let go of the resentment and rancor that’s poisoning our souls, we’ll eventually be unconfined and unchained from shackles that should’ve never even been put on us in first place.

As always I hope my words were of good use to you and that you may benefit from them in your life 😀

By the way, this week’s article was primarily developed for Heavy Mental, a mental health community in which provides carousel posts, blog articles AND (😱) podcasts.

For more content like this, please follow @weareheavymental on Instagram and don’t forget to check their https://linktr.ee/weareheavymental to have access to their latest posts, podcasts and more.

Take care!

Camilla Oliveira 

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