7 Ways To Celebrate Pride Month

Hi Psych2goers! As you might have known from the media, Pride Month is here. Here are some of the ways that we can celebrate Pride Month.

1. Participate in the parade

The most common way is to join the event in person. Not only does that show support to the event, but also initiate possible conversations with your friends or the people who have similar belief as you. However, depending on the country, virtual events can also be an alternative as well (Griffin, 2021).

2. Showcase your art

As most of us might have known, Pride month is made up of many colors. If you are someone who’s artistic and you’d like to express more colors in your artwork, go ahead and show your creativity (Thomson Reuters, n.d.)!

3. Watch shows related to LGBTQ+

There are many movies and documentaries that tell stories of LGBTQ+ history and much more. Netflix is one of the mainstream ones to choose from, with shows such as Feel Good and Elite (Conner, 2021). Do you have any favorite Pride movies?

4. Read books related to LGBTQ+

Besides movies, we can consider books as well as part of the Pride Month support and celebration. There are suggested books such as The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, Rainbow Boy by Taylor Rouanzion and Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall (Conner, 2021). What other Pride books would you include on this list?

5. Learn more about the event

Other than all the enthusiasm and celebration, what’s the reason behind it and what constitutes this movement? In fact, The Stonewall Riots in 1969 actually sparked the rise of this event (Thomson Reuters, n.d.). It is described as the harassment of LGBTQ groups when they were spending time in their comfort zone (Conner, 2021).

6. Financial support

Another way to participate is to look for LGBTQ+ companies and donate to their businesses. Organizations like International LGBTQ Travel Association are one of the useful sources of financial support (Conner, 2021).

7. Decorations

If you’re someone who likes to decorate your home during festivals, this can also be another way to celebrate Pride month! For instance, putting a Pride flag or sticker in your room or car and wear Pride T-shirts (Conner, 2021).


Did we cover the way you participate? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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