Do they like me, or am I just overthinking? Maybe I completely misread the signs, and they think of me as nothing more than a friend? What if confessing ruins our friendship? Do these questions sound familiar to you? If so, you know all too well how hard it can be to figure out whether someone likes you back. This is especially true during a global pandemic, which has prevented many of us from meeting face-to-face. Without in-person interactions and body language, the next best way to tell if someone likes you back is through social media interactions and texting. So, whether it’s a coworker, classmate, or friend, these 8 obvious signs your crush likes you are sure to help figure things out!   

1. They text back instantly   

When you message them, how long does it take to get a reply? When someone likes you, they’ll prioritize your texts. They’ll look forward to having conversations with you, so when that notification pops up, they won’t be able to resist breaking into a smile and getting ready to think of the perfect response! On the other hand, if they wait a few hours before getting around to reading your message, they probably don’t like you. (Narissra, Interpersonal Communication Motives for Flirting Face to Face and Through Texting 2018) They may be more concerned with looking cool rather than genuinely talking to you, meaning if this describes your crush, consider rethinking whether they’re worth your time and energy. After all, everyone deserves someone who prioritizes them!    

2. They use your social media posts to start conversations   

When you post something on your story, do they swipe up and start talking to you about it? Someone making excuses to talk to you is a huge sign they like you. They’re looking for every possible opportunity to start a conversation, so whether it’s a story post, feed post, or a mutual friend’s post, if you’re there, they’ll text you about it afterward. (Mortensen, Flirting in online dating: Giving empirical grounds to flirtatious implicitness 2017) An in-person example would be asking your crush questions you may already know the answer to at school or work just to start a conversation. This exciting, flirtatious stage in a relationship can translate to online interactions as well, you just have to know what to look for!   

3. They think of online things to do together   

With the pandemic going on, does it feel like you can’t do anything but stay at home? This can be extremely frustrating, but there are actually many online things you can do with others! When someone really likes you, they’ll want to spend more time with you. So, they may start brainstorming some fun online games and activities to do together. (Meenagh, Flirting, Dating, and Breaking up Within New Media Environments 2014) For example, playing would you rather, online card games, or video games together are all great activities to stay entertained and safe! Have you two tried any virtual activities? If so, there’s a good chance they really treasure spending time with you and that the feelings are mutual!    

4. They want to call   

Are all your online interactions texting, or do you call too? With the pandemic stopping many of us from meeting in person, the next best thing is to call those we really care about. While not as intimate as talking face-to-face, calling still offers real-time interaction and reactions. What many people have begun to realize as the pandemic continues is that texting can grow tiring and tedious at times. Simply put, it isn’t enough when it comes to people you really care about and enjoy talking to. (Meenagh, Flirting, Dating, and Breaking up Within New Media Environments 2014) So, if your crush wants to call too, it’s a good sign they’re craving more interaction and may like you back!  

5. When video calling, they put effort into their appearance   

Do you two plan to call at a certain time? If so, what do they look like when you call? While people may not be able to physically go out anymore, the same principle of wanting to look attractive for someone you like applies to virtual interactions too. When you have a crush on someone, you’ll want to look your best, from styling your hair to tidying up your room. On the other hand, if they view you more as a friend or sibling-type bond, they may care less about looking attractive around you. (Mortensen, Flirting in online dating: Giving empirical grounds to flirtatious implicitness 2017) So, the next time you call, try to pay attention to how they present themselves since it can say a lot about how they see you!  

6. They tell you everything    

Are you the only one who knows about their embarrassing childhood story? How about that one awkward secret they’ve kept all these years? If someone really likes you, chances are they’ll trust you and be much more vulnerable than normal. This vulnerability also deepens your bond, which is so important in any long-term relationship. Can you two stay up all night calling and talking about anything? If so, chances are they really like you back!  

7. They pick up your texting phrases   

Do you have any funny texting habits? If so, comment them down below! When you talk to someone a lot, whether in-person or online, you’ll both subconsciously and consciously pick up each other’s speech patterns. Mirroring a sign of closeness and compatibility because it forms empathy, which deepens your bond. (Narissra, Interpersonal Communication Motives for Flirting Face to Face and Through Texting 2018) So, if this describes you and your crush, there’s a good chance they like you back!   

8. When texting, they use emojis   

Look back at the last texts you got from them, how many emojis did they use? While it may sound random, there’s actually a good explanation behind why emojis may indicate whether someone likes you. When texting, it is much harder to show emotions such as excitement, nervousness, and embarrassment without facial expressions and body language. So, in order to better convey how they’re feeling, they’ll use fun emojis and exclamation marks to show talking to you makes them happy. They may also use them to indicate tone, sarcasm, or a joke- anything to emulate in-person facial expressions! (Narissra, Interpersonal Communication Motives for Flirting Face to Face and Through Texting 2018)

The bottom line is that no one can know for sure whether the feeling is mutual. It could be that both sides are too afraid to speak up. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! One thing the pandemic has emphasized is how unpredictable life is. Before you know it, everything could change, so don’t be scared of taking chances and pursue the things that make you happy!    

Do you think your crush likes you back after reading this? If so, which signs did you relate to most? If not, what are you going to do? Feel free to comment down below with your experiences, thoughts, or suggestions!


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