8 Signs You’re Not Attractive…You’re RIDICULOUSLY Attractive

Hey, Psych2Goers! Do you ever wonder if you’re attractive or not? If you just said “pfft.. no.” Hooold up. This article is for you! There are so many different qualities that can make someone insanely attractive. Want to know the best part? You probably already have or do a few of these already and don’t even know it, you heartthrob, you. Time to peel the curtain and reveal 8 signs you’re not attractive… you’re like RIDICULOUSLY attractive. Let’s go!

Side Note: This article is based on scientific studies based around “attractive qualities” not physical appearance. If you feel like you’re struggling with your attractiveness, no matter what that means to you, please reach out to a trusted mental health professional.

#1: You’re honest.

In a 2006 study about attractiveness, Sampo Paunonen found that honesty is one of three traits that will boost one’s attractiveness. We’ll talk about the other two in a little bit. Stay tuned!

I don’t know of many qualities more unattractive than someone who lies. Whether it’s a few small lies here and there or a couple bigger lies, the bottom line is that the truth was fudged. When you’re the source of false info, this makes you untrustworthy. Now, let’s apply it to relationships. Would you want a friend or partner who you couldn’t trust? We didn’t think so. When you’re honest, you build trust with the other person, as well as build your credibility. If you’re an honest person, this could be a sign that you’re super attractive.

#2: You’re one smart cookie!

Quality #2 from our 2006 study on attractiveness is intelligence. Now, we don’t mean that you need to become a quantum physicist overnight to be attractive. Calm down, there, Tony Stark. Intelligence can be many things from being book smart to being well-read to having an extensive knowledge on a few select topics. It can make you want to pump the brakes in any sort of friendship or relationship when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone who’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

What’s something you’re interested in? Science? Baking? Exercise? Whatever it is, take some time to learn a little bit more about it. That way, you’ve got something ready!

#3: You’re independent!

I imagine relationships, romantic or platonic, like two people on a paddleboard. If one person isn’t focused on balancing, they both might end up taking a swim. Your independence, especially in reference to a friendship or relationship can be the same. It can be really challenging to be friends or in a relationship with someone who can be codependent. Having to weigh in on every decision of theirs can feeling draining. However, being independent and able to govern yourself, including making your own decisions, can be super attractive. It shows others that you’ve got you. If you have someone else around, it’s because you want them around. You don’t need them to supervise or babysit. Independence is also the third quality shown to predict attractiveness.

#4: You can be trusted.

Imagine you and your partner are having a deep conversation about your past. Because you love and feel comfortable with them, you decide to talk about a past abusive relationship and some past traumas that you’re still working with. How would you feel if your partner went and told a bunch of their friends all of it? I’m sure you’d be pretty upset. What if a friend promised to help you move then bailed the morning of? Again, you’d probably be pretty upset. You’d also probably not want to be around that person. When you are someone who backs up your word by doing what you say, it lets people know you’re trustworthy. This is also another quality that makes you ridiculously attractive especially since it’s kinda rare!

#5: You’re diligent with your dollars!

Most of us have a friend or maybe a family member who seems like they’re always asking for money. This can come off as needy or even dependent which is unattractive as we learned with Paunonen’s study. In a survey done by Discover and Match Group, it was found that choosing a romantic partner was positively correlated with their credit score. What does that mean? Basically, if you’re smart with your money and are pretty savvy with saving, this can be a pretty attractive quality especially for a romantic partner.

#6: You don’t try too hard to impress people.

Have you ever met someone and thought “Wow! They’re sooo cool.” I have. Why? It wasn’t because they had expensive clothes or cars. It was because they were unapologetically themselves. Not only did these cool cats know themselves, but they didn’t try to impress people on top of that. Want to hear a cringey tale? Once upon a time, Psi’s friend Renee was really crushing on someone. This special someone happened to love anime. Renee loved all different fandoms, but anime just wasn’t her thing. Instead of being honest, she told her crush she LOVED anime. So, when her crush tried to talk to her about different shows, she had nothing to add to the conversation and became pretty untrustworthy. Take it from Psi. This can be one of the most attractive qualities of all.

#7: You’re a kind person.

When you think of “kindness”, what do you think of? For me, I think of a Disney Princess. Why? Because they have a swarm of woodland creatures that seem to follow them daily! These animals want to follow the kind, sweet, caring person who they’ll be in good hands with. Same goes for your friends and relationships. No one wants to be around someone who’s purposely rude, mean, or hurtful. Being a kind person isn’t just the right and decent thing, it’s also a quality that makes you super attractive.

#8: You take care of yourself.

Whether it’s self-care, working out, or going to doctor appointments, it’s really important to take care of yourself. When you’re mentally and physically well, it gives off those independence vibes that show you’ve totally got life under control. When someone is all put together and really respects themselves enough to do what’s best for them and their health, this is a sign that this person could be a good provider, partner, and a supportive friend. This is something super attractive and something that a lot of people want to “rub off” on them.

Did you find any signs that you identified with? Hopefully you did and got a little ego boost to go along with it. Do you know of any other signs that show how super attractive you are? Let us know in the comments below! We love hearing from you all! Need more confirmation that you’re attractive? Check out 7 Signs People Secretly Find You Attractive!

As always, keep an eye on Psi for more Psych2Go content, and have a wonderful day!

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