8 Ultimate Signs Your Crush Likes You Back

Do you remember what it feels like when you have a crush?

Those butterflies in the stomach that make you giddy and nervous at the same time, especially when you noticed that they seem to feel the same way?

Or….maybe you’re just daydreaming! They’re probably nice to other people too, right?

But what if they did something that made you feel extra special! Isn’t that a sign?

Oh come on, perhaps you’re thinking too much?

Most of us probably relate to the conflicting thoughts above because it can be confusing to tell whether someone you like, really likes you back, unless they show telltale signs with consistency.

Furthermore, you don’t want to risk disappointment or embarrassment for assuming things that may not be true and that’s why, to help you out, here are 8 Ultimate Signs That Your Crush Likes You Back.

Try and see which ones you can observe from your crush, but be informed that this content is merely to entertain and share an idea and should not be used as the only basis to conclude someone’s feelings for you. Now, Let’s begin!

1. They are very responsive to your calls and messages.

Do they have lightning-fast responses to your calls and texts? That most probably means your chat is pinned on their inbox so they can easily see your messages and ensure they can answer quickly. And if not yet, they probably will pin it moving forward! I mean, this is a no-brainer, right? 🙂

2. They mirror your words and body language.

According to Definitions.net, “Mirroring is the behaviour in which one person copies another person usually while in social interaction with them.” So if you noticed that your crush uses the same words you do, or imitates your expressions and gestures, then most probably that person is subconsciously “mirroring” you and attraction is slowly building up at this stage and Lucky You!

3. They find ways to be near you or hang out with you.

If you have a crush, you would most probably want to be near them, right? Well, that goes the same for your crush that likes you back. If you hang out with a group of friends, they’re gonna be planning group activities a lot, just to see you again. Or if you notice your crush sneaking a look your way every now and then, they’re probably just waiting to get your attention and introduce themselves to you.

4. They are very eager to help you with anything.

Let’s keep it simple. Being able to assist your crush in whatever help they need, is a big thing because this leads the way to a closer connection between the two of you. So, if you find your crush, is always eager to lend a helping hand even when not asked, that’s a green light and a good sign.

5. They share their personal stuff, memories or secrets with you only.

This most probably happens when you and your crush have already developed a level of friendship that allows you both to talk about personal things. Most people become vulnerable with the ones they are attracted to, and this is why your crush would start sharing special things about them with you resulting in some inside jokes which usually foster a deeper connection between the both of you.

6. They highlight the good things about you to other people.

Being attracted to someone starts with admiring their good qualities so when your crush likes you too, they almost always are very proud of you and your skills and achievements and would even probably brag about you to other people.

7. They remember the little, big and special things about you.

Details. Details. Details. When your crush really likes you back, they take note of the unique aspects of your words, your verbal and facial expressions, and remember the important details of conversations and memories you shared, because they crave to get to know you better and so they become extra sensitive and attuned to the things that make you, You.

8. They are very caring, protective and supportive of you.

When you start feeling cared for, protected and supported by your crush, this is an ultimate sign that your crush really likes you back. When you pay attention to how your crush reacts around you during difficult times, how they eagerly offer their help, and in general how they treat you versus how they treat other people, you will be able to have a pretty good conclusion on how they feel for you.

In summary, these signs are going to help you narrow down the clues as to whether your crush likes you back or not, but another thing to consider is whether your crush exhibits these signals in a consistent manner. If they are, then things are most probably going in a favourable direction for you and at the end of the day, when you start to matter to a person, their actions will speak louder than their words and you can definitely feel the difference.

If you want to know 10 more signs that your crush likes you too, you can check out this video here and as always, see you in the next article! 🙂


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