This 9 Personalities Test Will Reveal Your True Personality Type

The Enneagram is a system of personality classification. The test is widely used in psychology and business, as many consider it to be a very useful tool for self-improvement and personal development.

Answer 2 questions below and discover your true personality type.

Tip: You should agree with the overall idea or “philosophy” of the selected paragraphs. Don’t try to analyze too much. Rely on your intuition.


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What personality type are you? Comment below! Share this with your friends and family to discover theirs too!

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  1. “The Individualist
    You are sensitive, reassured and quiet. You are demonstrative and sincere, but also a little capricious, and sometimes timid. You tend to hide your feelings from other because you often feel vulnerable. You are creative, capable of renewing yourself and transforming your experiences. ”

    Not a native English-speaker, so I had to search up what most of these words (like capricious) meant. After finding out, I can safely say that this description does describe me well. 😀

  2. The Reformer
    You are ethical and conscientious. You have strong beliefs about right and wrong, good and bad. You always try to make things better, but you are afraid of making mistakes. Organised and merticulous, you can be critical and a perfectionist. At the same time, you are noble, reliable, realistic and wise.

  3. The Investigator
    You are very insightful and curious, able to focus on developing new ideas. You are independent and innovative, but sometimes you can become preoccupied with your own thoughts and plans. You are a visionary pioneer who can see the world from a whole new angle.

  4. The Peacemaker

    “You are confident and kind. You are a conformist, so you tend to settle conflicts easily and ready to offer your support. You want everything to go well, and you always work hard to avoid conflicts and minimise problems. You can unite people and help them resolve their conflicts.”


  5. 9 Personalities Test
    The Loyalist
    You are trustworthy, responsible and committed. But you become this defensive hardworking type, under a lot of stress, who keeps complaining about it. However, most of the time you are confident, reliable and ready to courageously defend the weak

  6. Doesn’t move to second question after selecting the first response. This is on Microsoft Edge browser on iOS.

  7. The Helper
    You are a friendly, emphathetic and generous person, who can also be flattering and sentimental. You tend to do things for others to feel needed. You are an altruist who feels this urgent need to give your unconditional love to others.

  8. What if none of the above, individually, pertain to you and you exhibit all three at random times?

  9. I like these psychological test very much it’s pretty accurate

  10. None of them accurately describes me. And I will never be persuaded to select an answer that doesn’t reflect truth or accuracy. My self bashing days over things like my inability to test we’ll have given way to an appreciation for my ability to think outside the box. I don’t have a favorite color, I have a fondness for colors. They all have their contributions and their value at any given moment is largely due to the context within which it is viewed at any given moment. I don’t have a favorite song, or recording artist. Not that I don’t have an opinion, it’s more I think because the depth that things like color and sound affect me is the antethasis of superficial. So, I wanted to take this test, so I could be like most every one else for a few minutes anyway. But I failed that beautiful. Archetypes, persona, image, and such are fun to play with for a minute, which is about the same amount of time I would care to spend with someone that fit only one personality type all of the time.


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