9 Types of Intelligence – Which one fits you best?

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For more accurate results: This quiz has got quite a number of questions, but that is what we need to determine which of the 9 types of intelligence is probably your strongest. The outcome of this quiz does not mean that you are not good at the other 8 types, it just shows you which is probably your strongest feature. You normally get a score on each separate field. It’s important to be honest in this quiz. So do not pretend to be more proficient at something than you are. No-one will be able to see your answers other than yourself. Some questions might seem alike, but those are there to account for different interpretations of the question.

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Psychologist Howard Gardner formulated his theory of multiple intelligences as a counter-idea to the concept that intelligence is only dependent on one factor. He thought that intelligence encompasses more than just what schools test. What do you think? What do you guess would be your second strongest?


Note that this quiz shows you which type of intelligence is probably your strong point. Whichever result you get on this quiz does not mean that you cannot be (just as) good at any of the other types of intelligence in this quiz, it just means this one is particularly strong in your case. The examples of jobs that fit a certain type of intelligence are exactly what they are – merely examples.

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  1. This quiz is highly flawed. In particular, the test questions reveal a bias in the understanding of kinesthetic (bodily) intelligence. A sculptor, a surgeon, a painter, a landscaper, a dancer, an avid hiker … (although not on this quiz) all will rank high in kinesthetic intelligence skills , not any of which are relating to sports or exercise. I have studied kinesthetic intelligence for 30 years. More individuals have high intelligence in this arena than is commonly recognized. In fact, as children in school, most of them were told to “sit down!!” multiple times a day and were shuttled off to the school counselor to be evaluated and drugged for ADHD. This quiz is so unenlightened in regards to Gardner’s work, it’s laughable. Isn’t that Buzz Feed’s job?

  2. hi im bert and i was wondering why only the last question counts, if i pick all of the same answers except for the last one i get different resulkts.

    1. The last question only functions if there’s a tie on two types, which means that if everything is the same except for the last answer, your combinations of answers has caused a tie in the algorhithm.

  3. I’ve got an existential intelligence. I’ve already manipulated my result and it turned out to be as I have assumed. I’m happy that my result is 100 percentage true. It says I’m philosophical and stuff and that’s exactly who I am. I love challenges too and that’s what it said. I can guarantee its not a fake quiz. I’m Indian BTW.

  4. i like subjects relating to psychology. this exercise therefore, is a great mental exercise that could truly enhance mental growth