9 Underrated Qualities that Make a Person Sexy

How do you tell that someone is attractive?

Is it their humor? The way they dress and act? Or maybe their charming, good looks?

There are several things that can make someone seem undeniably sexy. These qualities may be obvious, like their physical attraction. Other traits less so.

Here are 9 underrated qualities that make a person sexy.

They know how to play the push-and-pull game

Sexy people are naturals at taking up both the desirable and desiring roles. In an article According to Jonason and Li, playing hard-to-get is a potent mating tactic since there’s a perceived demand for the person (2013). Thus, sexy people can be inviting and needy, or giving and receiving, at the same tempo as their partner’s preference. With the constant push-and-pull, the sexy person participates in a dance of sorts. The partner would naturally develop a liking to the actions of the sexy person and joins it at will; strengthening the intimate connection between the two.

They have mischievous tendencies

Do you fall for the bad guy or girl in movies? Sexy people have a knack for knowing when to be naughty and when to be playful. They know how to balance the heat at just the right amount – aware if things go overboard or too dry. But most of the time, a sexy person indulges themselves in their own personal fun and enjoyment, being mischievous cause they can. They don’t fear whether people will hop in or not – they are pleased with how far they can go with their own antics.

They choose who they are

Sexy people possess healthy levels of self-knowledge, and with their natural confidence and charisma, they have a steady self-view. Since this is the case, they know exactly what they want and are not afraid to make a decision based on their needs. Since sexy people know themselves best, a person attracted to them must understand their self-view makes demanding their love futile if it doesn’t work out. You’re either right for them, or not, with no in-betweens.

Their emotions physically manifest

Do you consider confident mannerisms hot? Sexy people are naturally curious about the world, with an innate love for exploration and journey. And naturally, their sense of wonder gets absorbed by the people they meet too.

Aside from that, sexy people are also highly attuned with themselves, knowing what satisfies them and what depletes their energy, and it shows in their body language. They are devoted to keeping themselves content, knowing full well who and what they desire.

They are not passive

Sexy people are initiators. Confident, but not arrogant, they know how to press the right dials and attract their desired person. They enjoy making people feel pursued, validating them, and making them feel special. This also translates to an intimate connection in the bedroom, with a mutual exchange of control in a safe, intimate setting.

They are not attached to results

Sexy people are not the clingy types, nor are they attached to rejection in any form. They trust their place in the journey, and a slight setback would just feel like a chip in their shoulder. If something’s not mutually beneficial, the sexy person knows how to walk away and recalibrate themselves to a place where they shine.

They have a positive sense of self-worth

Whether they’re single or in a relationship, sexy people innately understand their self-worth. There’s a high chance that they don’t need to chase the feeling of fulfillment and completion – since they feel that way already, or at least are very close to feeling that way. And with their assuredness, they don’t have trouble connecting with other people too, making them excellent and hot partners.

They understand their partner

Sexy people are not full of themselves, contrary to popular belief. They love the act of giving – and they show this by showering their partner with love in their own unique way based on their love languages. They intimately understand their partner on all personal levels – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually – possessing good intuition on their desires.

They know how to live in the moment

Do you know anyone who’s an avid thrill-seeker? Sexy people can be highly spotaneous people. They are not afraid to jump at opportunities in a short time. If they see a hot person at a party, they’ll go up to them with little to no hesitation. A sexy person hardly ever doubts themselves – and they show this in every aspect of their life. It’s no wonder sexy people are passionate people as well!

Closing thoughts

While sexiness can be subjective, there are some underrated traits that may turn people on. As long as you feel a sense of interpersonal attraction with someone, then they’re attractive.

We hope you learned about qualities that make people sexy. That’s all for now, Psych2Goers!


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