Cure Depression with Morning Pages

Nowadays, everyday life has become hectic and face-paced. At work, we are overwhelmed with tons of emails, meetings, deadlines, business worries, and the list goes on. At home, we are overwhelmed with various chores, family duties, money issues and so on. Add to this list external factors, such as traffic or uncertain political situation, and it’s no wonder why negative emotions just pile up.

As a result, all that anxiety, frustration, fear, and grief lead to depression. The World Health Organization discovered that more than 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this mental illness. However, writing can be pretty therapeutic if done properly.

What are Morning Pages?

Research has shown that regular writing allows you to put negative thoughts on the paper and in that way ease anxiety and stress, as well as depression and despair. Likewise, according to, writing practice helps you verbalize your emotions and take control of them.

Morning pages are an excellent way to start your writing practice. It is a concept suggested by a writer Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way. The basic idea is to fill three pages of A4 paper with things that come to your mind: soaring plans, common worries, or disturbing thoughts.

Linda Gordon, the author of “How to do a book review article, shares her experience: “When I first read The Artist’s Way, I started my Morning Pages routine right away. In the beginning, it was difficult to form a new habit, but it was rewarding afterward, it felt as if my brain had had a shower. Still, I have to admit that sometimes wasn’t easy to face all my demons; unfortunately, that’s an inevitable part of healing. But, with persistence, Morning Pages helped me get rid of miserable thoughts and feelings.”

How do they work?

As previously said, Morning Pages are a great way to journal about your feelings that comes with clear instructions:

  • Write first thing in the morning. The first hours of the day are quiet moments when stress hasn’t arrived yet. Therefore, you can focus and think only about yourself; there are no tasks or chores that can distract you. Then you have time to get comfortable and sip your coffee or tea slowly. Enjoy the silence and write.
  • Write three pages by hand. Paper and pen are the best way to connect profoundly with yourself. Don’t use any electronic devices early in the morning. Just relax and enjoy your intimate morning routine.
  • Write whatever crosses your mind. Even if you don’t know what to write you can jot down “I don’t know what to write.” It’s even allowed to write this is stupid if you think so. Literally, write anything that comes to your mind.
  • Change the narrative. Sandra Anderson, one of the essay writers, summarize this concent perfectly: “Once you eliminate negative thoughts and feelings, change the narrative. Ask yourself what do you want and let your brain focus on positive things and give you valuable insights.”
  • Don’t listen to your inner critic. Hush your inner voice that tells how silly writing is. You don’t need to be a writer to journal, whatever you write is fine. Just feel free to express all your emotions. Everything stays on the paper that nobody will read, not even you.

How will Morning Pages cure your Depression?

According to С findings, there are several ways writing ritual can help you heal depression.

1. You’ll vent out to the paper

When you regularly vent out, you eliminate all negative emotions and become free.

2. You’ll share your feelings

People usually become depressive when they keep inside too many things that just pile up. At a certain point, there is no room to pile more things, and you’re stuck underneath your own burden.

That’s why it’s great to constantly put all your worries, deep fears, and hidden desires on paper. That way, you’ll acknowledge them which will take an enormous burden off your shoulders.

Besides, once you start expressing your emotions, it will be easier to share them with others too.

3. You’ll be more optimistic and grateful

Morning pages are a convenient way to express your gratitude for all the good things in your life, and there’s always something to be thankful for.

When your focus is on positive things, you’ll become more optimistic in time.

4. You’ll get over negative experiences

Mia Jackson, a writer from cv writing service, explains the last benefit: “Writing will help you cope with negative events, understand them and leave traumatic experiences in the past without getting back to them.”

Morning Pages are a simple routine that can help you cure your depression. All you need is a notebook, a pen and a bit of persistence.


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  1. I guess this is good to prevent depression too! I love to write so this is a great article.


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