Dark Truths That May Cheer You Up

We rarely think about the dark facts of life being a source of inspiration or bringing joy into our lives. Quite a lot of our problems come from a society that forces us to be positive and to ignore the uncomfortable and undesirable situations and feelings of life. By neglecting the darkness, these truths weigh heavy on us and it becomes difficult to go on with life, especially since we know that it goes on and just like time, waits for no one. We don’t always take the time to process these truths and to then come out knowing that we’ve dealt with one of the most difficult things life could throw at us. 

Here are 5 dark truths that may cheer you up. 

  1. Anything Compelling Always Unbalances Your Life

The notion of a “work-life balance” has become quite popular and relevant in recent years. The belief that we should divide our time between our careers and professional obligations and our home and social lives has the attention of many people who agree with it. And while it’s a healthy, beautiful notion, the truth of our existence is that anything in our lives that is compelling will upend any balance. Whether it’s your new or demanding career, a health scare or a newborn, whenever something comes along that requires your full attention, you will inevitably lose balance in your life as you need to devote yourself to this new compelling thing in your life. 

  1. Having Unrealistic Standards Leads To Suffering

Being ambitious is often praised and a trait lusted after, even by those who would say otherwise. The innate drive and desire to create something new within your own world or within the world itself and going after it is quite admirable. However, when we start having unrealistic standards for ourselves and others, we start to feel depressed and angry at our dreams not being realized. While high expectations are good and beneficial, unrealistically high standards only lead to suffering. They don’t factor in that we are imperfect as human beings and we make mistakes and our perfect plans lack the element of compassion for our own imperfections. 

  1. Making The Wrong Decision Is Better Than Making No Decision

Sometimes, we struggle with making decisions. Whether it’s from information overload or analysis paralysis, we can become overwhelmed by the options or the tedious, enormous work that awaits us. We make the decision to make no decision at all and to be a neutral spectator in the matter. While making no decision feels safer, it’s better to make one, even if it’s wrong. You can learn from a mistake and even grow mentally and emotionally. You can’t learn from doing anything.

  1. You’re Never Truly Ready For New Things

Life is a series of new things that we are never really ready for. We were never ready to walk or go to school but these things ended up happening and we either liked it, disliked it or felt neutral about it. We have plans and goals and we just know that we want it and will do the work to get it. We don’t really know what it will really take or actually look like in the tunnel but we’re planning on getting to the other side. We are afraid to look like silly fools and beginners who have no place being where they are but waiting to be ready to start something might mean waiting for your entire life and you don’t have that kind of time. 

  1. You’re Lucky If You Find 3 Friends Worthy Of The Title In Your Lifetime

Life is short but also incredibly long. It’s said that the days drag on but the years are fleeting. In the ups and down of life, we need support and sometimes that support is not what we thought it was. Quality friendships are very important and possible but they require a lot of work, like other relationships. Some friendships are superficial and time wasting but a friend that you consider a real one, is not an easy find and you might not be able to ever call many people a true friend in your entire lifetime and you’re lucky if you can find a select few to call a true friend. 


In life we often see things in extremes, not allowing for small nuances to be taken into account. While we have light, it also has darkness and while we have darkness, there’s also light. It’s helpful to gather all the dark truths that we have in one place and to feel the sadness that comes with it for a while so we can shed the heaviness of it and go out back into life, with a lighter heart and a clearer perspective. 


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