Differences between introversion and anti social behavoiur

                                                  Introversion vs. anti social personality disorder

I choose this topic, introversion versus an anti social personality disorder because it is  interesting to me and I thought it befitting one introvert writes about this. I should  write  about this because I want to achieve my full potential while also deepen my knowledge of this field – psychology – and help people so they know nothing is wrong with them and just that they know difference between a mental illnesses and a personality trait.

In this modern world, people are becoming more and more aware of the mental disorders, but we are still not there. Often they are romanticized and people that are average may tend to think that something is wrong with them. It is important we differentiate introversion from anti social       personality disorder. Personality trait versus an illness. I, myself, am an introvert and sometimes it   can be hard when people are wondering what is wrong with you when you are ‘’quiet all the time’’. Some people just express themselves differently.


Facts about introversion
There are a lot of people who enjoy solitude of mind, a way to recharge their inner                           batteries for the upcoming battles. Those people often daydream and explore the depths of               their mind, constantly pushing the boundaries. Not really prone to chit-chat, but likely to                     indulge into conversation about the origin of life, time travel or something among the lines. Something that challenges mind. Introverts often develop hobbies likes reading, writing, being           computer wizards or some activity in the nature. It’s not that introverts don’t like people or that          they are shy, they are relaxed when surrounded by a closer circle of people whom they can trust. A worthy companion.


*Good listeners*
 Introverts are really good listeners and they often see details that are in plain sight, but                  others don’t notice. That’s why their sense of humor is sharpened. Some of the best                       comedians are in fact introverts. Other famous people that are seldom in larger groups of              the same specimen are J.K. Rowling, Albert Einstein, Marissa Mayer, Audrey Hepburn and Alfred Hitchcock.

Some might however see them as distant, unreachable or incompatible. We live in a                          society where socializing is encouraged, moreover, it is a necessity. On the other hand, if            given a chance they can accomplish great things. They just process a bit differently and when           they are alone, working on self-improvement that is how they rest and relax, getting ready for the day after.

It’s not that they don’t like people, they do, just not everyone. They can feel who is on the same page as they are and choose to dwell into getting to know those few.

  *The feels*
Similarly to artists, they can care and love more deeply. They feel the feels. And also appreciate loyalness.

Here you can check which category you are into.

Facts about ASPD
On the other hand, there is a real anxiety disorder often confused with introversion. And that is      anti social personality disorder, ASPD. Symptoms are common before the age of 15 and they are manifested in *aggression towards people, as well as animals, *destroying property and *violating the rules in general. They often disregard rules they most people follow, slightly making them seem like anarchists. And the feelings of other people, lacking remorse for the consequences of their deeds. The people suffering from this condition often use different kinds of drogs as well. They often lie as well. The exact reason as to what causes isn’t known yet, but it’s likely due to the genes or a stressful event in life. It could also be due to a different brain development. Symptoms are listed in DSM V. – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and if recognized person should get a treatmant. The effect will depend on their wiligness to participate. There are two ways to therapy – psychotherapy or talk therapy in which individual would talk about ther problems and urges with a competent psychologist. It doesn’t always work out, so the option number two is medications. There aren’t an exact pills for ASPD, but medication like anxiolitics are prescribed in its treatmant.

Here you can check if you have ASPD.

In conclusion, people who suffer from any sort of mental disorder need help and they shouldn’t feel alienated, but supported and loved.

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