Which Disney Villain Fits Your MBTI Type?

This is not a full MBTI test. Finding out your (villain) Disney MBTI match isn’t difficult, but this is focused on people who already know your normal MBTI type. If you do, just pick the letters your type has for each question. When you want to find out your Disney MBTI, but you do not know your normal MBTI, you can choose whichever of each pair fits you best, or take a full-length MBTI test and come back afterwards. 

The concept of MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator) was defined by mother and daughter team Katherine Briggs and Isabel Meyers in 1943. Still used today, the MBTI is a personality inventory which is made up of 4 spectra on which someone can score to show a preference for one of the two ends. This results in a total of 16 possible ‘personality types’ which indicate a set of preferences for an individual. While it is a very useful tool to measure certain aspects of someone’s personality, we at psych2go want to draw attention to the pro’s as well as the cons of theories we discuss. This however, is not to say that it shouldn’t be taken seriously, it deserves to be. One of the leading point of critique is that the test results give no indication of the strength of preference, which is also why some people’s types seem to change every time they take the test. Take for example someone with a 1 out of 50 preference and someone with a 48 out of 50 preference for Extroversion. If the person with a 1 out of 50 preference takes the test again another time, it might just tip the balance to a slight preference for introversion. This is an interesting aspect to discuss, but we will leave that for other articles. While that is definitely something to think about, for now we will be focusing on what Disney villains can teach us about personality traits and perhaps even about prejudice.

What? Yes, really.

The interesting thing is that these might help you realise that misconceptions about the MBTI – that certain ends of spectra are more ‘positive’ traits than the other end – could be turned upside down. As these villains will show you, for example, both extroversion and introversion can be good or less good things, depending on how you handle yourself.


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  1. My MBTI is INFJ (Introverted, Intuition, Feeling, Judging.)
    For one, being a person that enjoys learning about personality types, I think it is very cool that even fictional characters can be linked to what we as humans have. If you are like me, an INFJ, you might have matched with Maleficent. An introverted, intuitive, mysterious character.
    Do producers take into account the psychology of people, specifically personality types like the MBTI, then work that information into their characters? Could this be a type of parallel idea that draws the audience to watch? Either way, I think it’s fascinating, and interesting to learn about. There is a lot you can tell about a person, and what they could even be passionate about just from their personality types.

    1. INFJ here as well! That’s an interesting angle. It would be nice to see producers take into account personality types as they develop their characters. Makes us wonder how much of psychology plays a role into filming. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I also love discovering about personality types, particularly the MBTI.

    I’m an ISTJ and I got Ursula. I hope that there will be more recent recent studies about personality types and more quizzes linking the personality to a fictional character. It makes learning about yourself and others more interesting.


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