How To INDIRECTLY Attract Your Crush

So, you’ve got a crush and want them to notice you without being too obvious or making them uncomfortable? No worries! We’ve got some cool and subtle tricks up our sleeves to help you indirectly attract your crush. If you’re new to relationships or shy about your feelings, then you’re definitely in the right place. Let’s dive into the secrets of low-key love tactics!

Be Great at Texting

First, let’s talk about texting. Nowadays, lots of teens and young adults use their phones to chat with friends more than they talk face-to-face. This can be super helpful for people like you who might feel a bit shy and find it easier to talk this way. So, share funny stories and send them posts that remind you of them. Ask questions that start cool conversations and keep it light and playful. Being great at texting makes you a joy to talk to, and your crush will keep coming back for more!

Invest in Yourself

You know what’s super attractive? Someone who’s confident and happy with who they are. So do things that build your confidence and self-worth like finding something you excel at, learning a new skill, or discovering a personal passion. Investing in yourself makes you more interesting and boosts your confidence. And guess what? Confidence is like a magnet for crushes!

Recommend a Cool Book, Show, or Movie

Sharing is caring, right? Why not suggest a book or a movie that you really enjoy and think they might like too? It’s like giving them a little peek into your world. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter. You might discover shared interests and have more to talk about. A great trick is to pick something underrated and create lots of inside jokes about it. This will make it so that every time they’re reminded of that book, show, or movie, they’ll think of you. Doing this could even lead to fun movie nights with your crush that’ll help you grow closer to them.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Ever seen a rainbow in a gray sky? It’s hard to miss, right? That’s what you want to be – the rainbow in your crush’s world. Find something unique about yourself and let it shine. Whether it’s a quirky talent, a cool fashion style, or a love for unusual things, set yourself apart in a fun and positive way. This will make you seem more authentic and intriguing to them. 

Express Yourself More

Don’t be afraid to let your personality sparkle! Express yourself through your style, interests, and even your sense of humor. Share funny memes, tell jokes, or showcase your artistic side. The more you express yourself, the more you become memorable to your crush. They’ll be thinking, “Wow, that person is awesome!”

Learn Their Love Language

Okay, here’s another secret to subtle attraction – discover your crush’s love language! People have different ways they like to feel loved, like physical touch, spending quality time, or receiving thoughtful gifts. Pay attention to what makes your crush happy, and sprinkle a bit of that love language magic into your interactions. If they like getting compliments, for example, don’t be afraid to say something nice about them every now and then. Compliment them on a job well done or notice something nice about them. By speaking their love language, you’ll make your crush feel special and appreciated, which can go a long way in winning their heart.

So, Psych2Goers, ready to try these tips and tricks for yourself? What are some other ways you know to subtly attract your crush? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!

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