How To Know If Someone Likes You Through Social Media

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Have you ever had a crush on someone and stalked their social media for any hints they might feel the same way? Or maybe someone’s been sending you signals online that they like you — like a status update you think might be about you, or a vaguely flirty comment — but you’re afraid you might be reading them wrong? 

With social media, the clues are often subtle, but once you know what to look for, they can be pretty telling. So, amidst the sea of likes, comments, and shares, how do you decipher what’s genuine interest and what’s just digital noise? Here are 8 social media signs they like you:

They Leave Thoughtful Comments

So, you just posted something and already, this person’s left a comment. Maybe it’s just a few emojis (like a heart or a fire), or something nonchalant like “Nice pic :)” The more thoughtful the comment, the clearer they’re being with their interest in you. Especially if they slide into your DMs afterwards to talk about it. This double engagement — publicly commenting and privately messaging — shows they want to connect with you on multiple levels. 

They Like Your Posts Quickly

One of the biggest signs that someone likes you is how fast they react to your posts. If they’re always the first to like your pictures or comment on your status updates, they’re paying close attention to what you’re doing, suggesting that they’re interested in you. But if they just like your posts and don’t text you, it might be because they’re shy and you need to make the first move, or they have a crush on you but aren’t looking for anything serious. 

They Watch Your Stories

Admit it: when you have a crush on someone, you never miss their stories, posts, and updates, right? Well, the same goes for them! If someone is always checking out your content, it means they’re genuinely interested in what you’re up to and want to know more about your day-to-day life, even the little things. And if they consistently reply with emojis or comments, it’s a clear sign they enjoy your personality and care about what you’re sharing. So, next time you see their name pop up in your story views or their comments under your posts, take it as a sweet hint — they’re definitely into you!

They Consistently Hit You Up

If you talk to someone on a semi-regular basis, especially if they’re just hitting you up to chat or check in, then they clearly enjoy talking to you. Consistent communication is a strong sign they’re thinking about you often and want to keep the conversation going. It’s even more telling if you have long conversation threads on multiple platforms, like iMessage, Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, and X. 

They Send You Links They Think You’ll Like

Ever received a funny TikTok or IG reel with a teasing, flirty message like “Haha reminds me of you”? Or got sent a link to an article and told, “Thought you might like this :)”? These little gestures show they’re thinking about you, and this could be their way of grabbing your attention. It also shows that they’re paying attention to your interests and want to share things that will make you happy. 

They Send You Nonchalant Pictures

If someone sends you casual pictures of their day, like what they’re eating or where they are, it’s a way of letting you into their personal life. It shows they’re comfortable with you and want to share their everyday experiences. Sharing personal photos can be a form of intimacy. It’s a sign they want you to feel closer to them and that they want to integrate you into their daily life. 

They Tag You or Mention You Often

When someone frequently tags you, whether it’s in their stories or public posts, it means they’re trying to build a connection with you. For example, if they often tag you in funny memes or relatable posts, then they’re most likely trying to brighten your day and share a laugh with you. If they tag you in their stories, it might be their way of “soft-launching” your situationship or showing others that they’re interested in you. 

They Engage With Your Old Posts

If someone goes back and likes or comments on your older posts, it’s a strong sign they’re into you. This shows they’re not just casually scrolling through their feed but actively seeking out your content. It’s a subtle but clear indication that they’re trying to understand more about you and your past experiences. Or maybe they’re just looking for an awkward, cringe-y childhood photo to tease you about. Either way, they’re trying to connect with you more.

So, the next time you find yourself scrolling through your social media feed, keep these clues in mind. You never know, you might just uncover a secret admirer! Have any of these signs rung true for you before, or do you have any ideas of your own about how to know if someone likes you through social media? Share your thoughts in the comments below! If you enjoyed this video, please like and share it with your friends to support our channel. And subscribe for more relatable, casual psychology content like “Signs You’re Crushing on Each Other” and “How to make your crush like you ONLINE.” Thanks for watching!


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