I Was Waiting For My Soulmate When This Happened…

Scene I – Waiting For Love

Narrator: Amidst the soft glow of twinkling fairy lights, in a small cafe nestled on a cobblestone street, we meet Amelia. She’s sitting by the window and drawing the beautiful cityscape in front of her.

Amelia is a girl whose heart danced to the rhythm of old love songs and classic romance novels. And just like every other day, she’s listening to her favorite song, “Dear No One…” (play a snippet here)

With a small but cheerful smile, she sipped her chai latte and hummed quietly to herself, lost in the sea of her thoughts and focused on her sketch. .

Amelia: (looks at her painting and takes a deep breath, a shaky smile) Okay world, I’m ready to meet my soulmate now. A young girl dreaming of finding love in the big city — isn’t that how every great love story starts?

Scene II – A Chance on Romance

Narrator: The gallery where Amelia works at holds a special event, and there her artwork catches the attention of an art enthusiast. He approaches Amelia’s artwork, his eyes tracing the delicate lines and vibrant colors that seem to capture the very essence of the city’s soul. A hint of intrigue sparks in his deep brown eyes.

Amelia: Are you a fan?

Liam: (Nods thoughtfully) It’s a beautiful piece, very personal. 

Amelia: (Nervous but flattered) Yes, it is.

Liam: (Eyes widening a little in realization) Oh. Are you the artist? (She nods) Hi, I’m Liam. 

Amelia: (blushing and shaking his hand) I’m Amelia.

Liam: So Amelia, what inspired you to create this piece?

Amelia: (thoughtful) I’ve always believed that there’s magic in the world around us — in the way the sunlight filters through the leaves, or how the city comes alive at night. I want to capture those moments, the ones that make you feel something.

Liam: (smiling) You’re a romantic, aren’t you?

Amelia: (laughs softly) Guilty as charged. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, waiting for my soulmate.

Liam: Soulmates, huh? I’ve never really bought into the idea myself.  I think life is more about timing and choices than some predestined connection.

Amelia: (surprised and a bit disheartened) Oh, I see…

Liam: Like this, right now (smiles shyly). It’d be nice to talk to you more about art, maybe over some coffee? Tomorrow?

Narrator: A moment of silence hangs in the air, the gallery’s ambient noise seemingly growing louder around them. Liam’s statement made Amelia doubtful that he was the one she’s been waiting for. But still, she can’t deny the way she feels drawn to him, that there’s something here. 

Amelia: (with a hopeful smile) Sure. A friendly coffee date tomorrow sounds great.

Scene III – Love or Fantasy?

Narrator: After Amelia and Liam have a great time over coffee together, they agree to meet up for another date. And then another. And then another. And it was just becoming one too many that Amelia realized she could no longer pass this off as something friendly and un-serious. She cherished the moments they spent together, but Amelia couldn’t help the lingering doubt that gnawed at her over whether Liam was her soulmate. Until one day…

Emma: (reaching for Liam’s hand across the table) Listen, Liam…I really like you —

Liam: I really like you, too. These past few weeks with you have been so wonderful.

Emma: Yeah, they really have. But I need to be honest with you…I can’t help feeling that you might not be the one I’ve been waiting for.

Liam: (smiles understandingly) Because I don’t believe in soulmates? Amelia, just because we have different ideas about love and romance doesn’t mean that we can’t be happy together. The way I see it, I prefer to live in the moment and not dwell too much on destiny or fate. Sometimes we focus so much on finding something perfect or things going exactly the way we dreamt it that we overlook the happiness right in front of us.

Emma: (lost in her thoughts) Maybe you’re right, Liam. But I have to be by myself for now. I just need to think. (She gets up to leave)

Scene IV – The Art of Her Heart

Narrator: Desperate to make sense of her thoughts and feelings, Amelia stayed up all night, tossing and turning, until she found herself in her art studio. She began to create a new series of paintings that reflected her internal struggle, a visual narrative of her journey toward self-discovery and love.

Each stroke of the brush was a piece of her heart laid bare, a testament to the conflict she faced. As the sun began to rise, the room filled with the vibrant colors of her emotions, and her apartment transformed into a gallery of her own making.

A few more days passed, and Amelia continued to pour her emotions onto the canvas, creating a powerful body of work that explored the complexities of love, destiny, and the beauty of living in the present. Her art was a mirror of her evolving perspective, a testament to her willingness to embrace the unknown. But before she could finish the last painting and submit it to the gallery, she knew she had to show it to someone first.

Amelia: (walks into the room, holding Liam’s hand) Okay, you can open your eyes now.

Liam: (looks around, amazed)

Amelia: I wanted you to be the first person to see these paintings because you inspired them, Liam. You inspired me. I’ve realized that life doesn’t always follow a scripted path, and love can take unexpected forms. Maybe it’s time for me to let go of my rigid beliefs and embrace the present.

Liam: (grateful and moved) Amelia, I’m so glad to hear that. I know I’m not what you expected, but…I think I’m falling in love with you.

Amelia: I think I’m falling in love with you, too. (She hugs him tightly)

Narrator: And in that moment, Amelia understood that the connection they shared was more special and real than any fantasies she once had of a perfect soulmate. Because it was a love that was grounded in the present, unburdened by the weight of destiny. And it was made all the more beautiful for its imperfections, and all the more meaningful because she never saw it coming.  

And as they gazed at the colorful canvases of her art, holding hands, they knew that their love was another masterpiece in the making — unique, genuine, and utterly their own.

(‘Dear No One’ starts playing until it fades to black)

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