If Your Crush Does These 6 Things, They Like You

Hey, Psych2Goers! Has your crush been acting a little different around you lately, but you can’t decide if it’s good different or bad different? It can be really difficult to figure out if someone is into you or not, especially if they’re not saying it outright. In 2015, an assistant professor at Tantia University in India did a study on nonverbal communication and stated “…[it] has great influence over our social environment and the whole communication process,” (Phutela). Basically, it’s like what Hitch says: “90% of what you’re saying isn’t coming out of your mouth.” All jokes and fake statistics aside, nonverbal communication is HUGE when you’re talking about your crush. So, what are you missing?! If your crush likes you, let’s talk about these 6 things they might do.

Side Note: This article is based on personal opinion and previous experiences. Everyone is different and can show affection in different ways. If you think someone is into you, always be sure to have a conversation with them.

#1: They use protective gestures when they’re around you.

Have you ever been driving with your crush or partner in the passenger seat and had to slam on the brakes? For me, my instinct is to keep one hand on the wheel and throw my other hand out in front of the passenger to help keep them safe. Gestures like this are called protective gestures. They don’t always need to be huge acts either. It can be as simple as opening a door, walking on the street side, or even handing you coffee while warning you it’s hot. These tiny gestures show a special level of care that someone may have for you. Not only do they like you, but they’re also looking out for your well-being and wanting you to be okay with this. Most likely, your crush doesn’t do this for everyone. Keep an eye out next time you’re in a group of friends with your crush, do they dote on their other friends, too? If not, they probably like you!

#2: They become a little bit of a copycat (in the best way).

Some say imitation is the best form of flattery. I don’t know if I believe that, but I do believe in social science. When you like someone or something, say a celebrity and their style, you tend to copy it. Does anyone remember when Avril Lavigne first wore a tie, so all of the girls did, too? (I did it; don’t be shy.) It works the same way with your crush! If they like you, they might mirror the way you speak, your energy level, or they may even start using the same words you do! They’re not trying to make fun of you. Subconsciously, they like you a lot, so they start picking up those little mannerisms. Does your crush not use slang like you, but they just said that their lunch was bussin’? Yeah, they might like ya.

#3: They gaze into your eyes (but not too much).

When you are your crush are talking, where are they looking? Eye contact is one of the most telling signs that someone is into you. Eye contact shows that you’re interested, and it can also make the person who you’re looking at feel loved and attractive (as long as they feel the same). Now, we don’t want 100% eye contact staring contests happening. This can actually be related to aggression or being territorial or possessive which can make you feel super creeped out. A little eye contact here and there can really be that final sign that tells you your crush likes you.

#4: They laugh with (not at) you!

When you’re talking with your crush and tell them a funny anecdote about yourself, their response can reveal any hidden feelings they may have. If they don’t really respond to the story, they might not have been really listening and may not like you. If they use your story as a way to make fun of and belittle you, they definitely do not like you. If this is their reaction, they definitely don’t sound like they have your best interests at heart. Now, the third reaction is what we’re looking for. This is when they laugh with you at how funny the situation was, maybe some lighthearted teasing, but they use this as a way to bond and know you on a more intimate level.

#5: They don’t use anything to block you from them. They actually keep pretty close.

Whenever someone feels uncomfortable, a polite way to create distance is to use an object. This might be something like holding your books in front of you to avoid an unwanted hug, or it can even be holding a backpack or bag close to you as a shield. This tactic is used in situations where a level of tact is needed. Think being at work and not being able to tell someone to get the heck away from you. Your crush will do the total opposite. They will want to use more open body language and remove any obstacles between you two. You’ll notice they sit closely to you, as well. This closed in proximity is a sure sign someone has a crush on you.

#6: They call you with big news.

It’s 2022. If someone’s calling you, it’s either your student loans or a telemarketer. If it can be a text, usually that’s what it ends up being. But when someone calls you with big news, bad or good, that’s totally different. They not only wanted to physically tell you, but they wanted to hear your reaction, too. It can also mean that they wanted to tell you before anyone else (or posting it on social media). Do you do this for just anyone? Of course not! So if your crush does this, they probably like you.

It can be hard to put yourself out there when it comes to revealing your feelings, especially when it’s a 50/50 shot. Hopefully, you have a few tools in your toolbox now and can spot some signs that your crush is into you! If you spot some, let us know in the comments below! What did you do next!? We want to know! As always, keep an eye on Psi for more Psych2Go content!

Have a great day!

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