Part 2: Simple Tips to Gain a More Courageous (But Subtle) Flirty Style

Recently, I was introduced into my girlfriend’s other huge group of friends at a birthday celebration. One gentleman was aiming to strike up conversation with me; I reciprocated with friendliness, but definitely no flirting. He politely aggressively grabbed my hand, put his arm around my hips and directed me to the dance floor…but even then, 10% shy Christina took over and didn’t feel comfortable dancing so provocatively with a complete stranger. Not that I was uninterested…I just seriously am unintentionally shy/reserved around men in a romantic/flirting context.  The entire night, my girlfriends kept urging me to interact with other men by dancing with them, approaching them, etc. and even proclaimed: “Stop being so shy!!!!” which is hilariously ironic, since I’m the most outgoing one of the group! In other contexts, of course…

Alongside with the help of, I’ve made a part 2 for those rocking the same boat as me (part 1 can be found here):

Act Confident:

flirting2Common sense, right? However, I have watched one too many intimidated men attempt to approach my girlfriends. When my girlfriends turn them down, I ask them why and their answer is: “he was too shy/quiet/intimidated/unconfident”. Now, I get it: it’s NERVEWRECKING to approach someone in a flirtatious manner. We all fear reject. suggests that confidence is 50% of flirting and “…just think of your [unattractive] friends and how successful some of them are just by acting [confident and appropriately aggressive].”

Being confident is easier said than done therefore, here’s a helpful tip: everyone is insecure, trust me. The hottest man/woman in the world probably has the same amount of insecurities as you do; they just hide it more effectively. I detailed this more extensively in a highly popular article of mine The Insecurity Behind Beautiful Women and this article could easily be applied to anyone. Have faith in yourself!



Tease them: Teasing is probably the most adorable way to flirt with someone and loosen awkward tension. This showcases that you have a sense of humor and you’ll most likely make them laugh!


flirting3Send Subtle Signals: When I was introduced into the group of 10+ guys, which one was the most likely to get my attention/number? The one who showcased the most interest by sending me semi-flirty signals to see how I responded (aka the guy who came up to me, striked up a convo and directed me to the dance floor to dance with him).

If you’re interested in someone, don’t just speak to them in a casual convo like how you do with anyone. Send them little polite flirty signals to showcase your interest!

How would you describe your flirting style? Has it been successful? What are some tips you’d like to share with us? I’d love to hear them!



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