People Who Don’t Value Themselves Often use Sex as a Way to Get Attention and Approval from Others


Throughout the idealized gender stereotypes of men and women and their sexual desires, the common theme seen is that men desire sexual affection where women desire empathy and verbal affection. That stereotype can seem outdated and offensive in this day and age, although there is a truth to the core of it, although it’s not between men and women, it’s between the lesser-in-power and the more-in-power in a relationship, and in the modern world, the less-in-power is predominantly men.

There is a lot of evidence to prove that these two ideas match up rather well, if evidenced by the waves of crass cruelty hurdled by the young men not receiving sex in recent memory. These men are less powerful, less desirable, less of people. The idea that the less desirable are suffering from a complex of not desiring themselves has been more than proven, leading to these sets of sexually wanting people being victims of themselves.

The desire for sex being the most prominent desire, in place of something like romantic or physical affection, stems from the lack of self-value. This wanting of sex to increase one’s self-value can grow so strong as to replace all other wants, and can be the only thing that can fill the void of attention and approval that could have been filled with romantic, physical, platonic, and other forms of affection.

The self-devaluing of certain peoples is the thing that drives them to look for sex, the simplest and most carnal forms of affection. They don’t see themselves as higher forms of being, just as those who do not deserve any more than an animal would. This can lead those people to, when exposed to this mindset for long periods of time, become angry and volatile when not given that sexual affection, making them feel worse about themselves.

Their increasing negative energy brings these people to continue to perpetuate these stereotypes of men and women and their respective desires of simple sex and complex love, respectively. Because of the constant perpetuation these stereotypes are seen as more common and more okay. The replacement of sex for other forms of affection due to self-devaluation is a cyclical problem, as most psychological problems seem to be, and is a much larger societal problem as a whole.

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