People Who Swear A Lot Tend To Be More Honest, Loyal And Upfront With Their Friends

I recently wrote an article discussing the power of swearing to alleviate pain. However, it may actually do even more. Timothy Jay and Kristin Janschewitz (2012) suggest that swearing may also indicate a tendency to be more honest and upfront with their loved ones.

The basic premise that is put forth is that those who cuss are seen as more loyal, trustworthy, and upfront. As such, those who swear may make better friends. Their work suggests that extroverted people and those with Type A personalities swear more (Jay & Janschewitz, 2012), which could be one contributing factor to why those who swear are seen as more trustworthy and loyal. Their research also suggests that the increase in swearing in general, and specifically the use of cussing as a way to speak with friends, may contribute to this image (Burton, 2012).

Unfortunately, after searching for additional research on the subject, no corroborating studies could be found that can validate this claim. Additionally, Jay and Janschewitz have drawn these conclusions about swearing through observation. The major limitation to observation is that, when it is not scientifically validated, it is simply that – an observation.

Nevertheless, what do you think? Do you feel more inclined to trust someone who swears? Food for thought.


 Edited by: Seraphina Leong

Edited by: Tatum Wilson

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Jay, Timothy, Janschewitz, K. (2012),”The Science Of Swearing.” The Observer, Vol. 25, Issue 5.

Burton, Neel. (2012). “Hell Yes: The 7 Best Reasons For Swearing.” Hide and Seek.

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