Psychology of Color: What Does Your Nail Color Reveal?

Psychology of color have done numerous of studies and research that conclude: similarly to the dress colors you wear, the nails colors you possess also symbolize your mood and personality. Psychologists advised that the next time you’re about to choose the nail paint, make sure you’re paying attention to what the color may say about you to other people.

Now, although I’m very observant and do notice the health and color of people’s nails, I wouldn’t advise the same thing that psychologists do. I would never inform someone to not pick a color simply because they were afraid of the judgment of others! If you want to paint your nails red or black, go ahead! Painting one’s nails should be all fun and as long as you’re not breaking any of your work restriction rules, change up the color to whatever your heart desires!

What nail style do I most utilize? I’m a French manicure type of girl. I love solid red and white as well however, I don’t do them as often.

Now: here’s the explanation for a few of the most popular nail color/styles:

French manicures (aka my favorite!): Classy and professional. You have defined yourself and most likely are successful. You enjoy getting dolled up and showcasing your beauty.

Red: You’re confident. Choose this color if you want eyes to be drawn to your nails. It exudes strength and a flirty, sexy vibe. Risk taker, follow your heart, full of passion. You could also be sassy and like to be the center of attention.

Yellow: Cheerful. It’s also the first color the eye notices. You’re happy and you have energy.

Green: Healing and environmental. You have a soothing personality and people come to you for advice. You also are spunky and love the environment.

Orange: Outgoing. You love being around others.

Blue: Reliable. You possess depth and stability.

Pink: Wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re sweet and easily likeable by all. You’re also feminine, chic and soft.

White: Reflective and innocent. Represents new beginnings.

Purple: Spiritual and Royalty. You enjoy the finer things in life. You have a youthful energy.

Black: Powerful. provides comfort and protects you from outside world. You’re rebellious.

Now, although one’s nail polish color may reflect their mood and personality, let’s not make the mistake of automatically assume those who wear black are rebels and those who wear white are innocent. I LOVE red nail polish but strayed away from it for a while; I didn’t want too much attention drawn to my nails and didn’t want to showcase being “too bold”. What a mistake that was! All the research I’ve just presented to you was a means for a fun learning experience therefore, please don’t stop wearing whatever nail polish color you enjoy wearing! Have fun!





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