Psychology Test: Are You Family-Oriented?

Relationships are just as important to your physical health as diet and exercise! Socially isolated adults face the same risk of inflammation as those who are physically inactive. Our first relationships always form with our families during childhood, and often determine how we view the world.

Here at Psych2Go, we suggest you take this psychological test to find out how your own first relationships have shaped your personality. Answer these few questions without thinking too much for a more accurate result. Just go with your gut 🙂

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  1. It sounded good right up until, “Maybe you grew up without a strong father figure, which is why you always do your best to be there for people who need you — just like your mom did.” No father figure (at least not a good one…several really bad ones) and my mom was never there for us emotionally.

    1. Wait…I missed the “out” part…read a little too fast. But no my mom was never there for us.

  2. This is almost completely correct. The only difference is that I don’t have a strong mother figure, and I try to take care of people like my dad does for me.

  3. Do not diss my dad please. I’m not a family oriented person but both my parents were and are there all the time for me.

  4. Do not diss my Dad, please. Me being a not family oriented person (true) has to do with personal choices rather than my parents being neglectful because they are and have always been there for me.


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