QUIZ: Is Your Family Dysfunctional Or Healthy?

Families are generally known to be the people you can lean on during tough times and have open disagreements without feeling attacked or judged. At the end of the day, they are the ones you can rely on and you know that you will always love each other through thick and thin. But, what about those of us who come from dysfunctional families?

Is your family dysfunctional or healthy? Take this QUIZ to find out!

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  1. I am emotionally healthy but my family is NOT! Had to learn everything myself! Can’t you change the questions to: ‘do your family members think this’

  2. I would like to try the quiz, but for some reason, it doesn’t want to open on my phone. Could I get it emailed? Or some other way. Thank You! Just found this Tumblr and felt at home immediately! So much truth about me n my life.
    Rod Larimore

  3. Interesting test! I would have like I bit more options, like do you think people are using you (what was the exact question?)? Yes, but mostly my friends or people I’m close to. I don’t think that’s a conspiracy. Or, I have trouble believing in my emotions, mostly cause I can’t express them probably and it confuses me and everyone else. And I have trust issues, because I don’t wanna be hurt.

  4. My single mom was EXTREMELY abusive and VERY VERY manipulative and very hostile. She did what I thought a loving parent would do, beat the fuck out of they kids and holler and scream, embarrass them in public, force them to sleep in a locked closet and wake up to a daily beating. That was normal for me. I ran all over that house screaming at the top of my lungs, shittin all over myself to avoid the hard broom stick or cast iron skillet. She died in February 2007, I watched her take her last breath. She was only 44. I miss her but now being 30, depressed, suicidal, no hope in life at all, no point in trying to live. I hate people and I’d rather die because nobody else would give a fuck anyways. Have a great weekend.

  5. I got ‘Very Dysfunctional’ yet I love my family, especially my mum. She is my rock and has never manipulated anyone a day in her life. I would be lost without her. Whats going on here?

    1. I agree with you but I know my family’s dysfunctional yet I love them.

      1. They. Are amazing people I just have to get therapy for myself I guess

  6. I have abusive father. He never said something nice about me. He was shouting at me because I didn’t understand something. I am like this because I have Asperger’s syndrome. Usually I don’t understand jokes, instructions for exercises which I have to do. I also have sensory processing disorder. All of these things sometimes help me and sometimes not. My father considers me as stupid and weird girl. Now my parents are divorcing because he never treated me like his child but like a toy which he can hit or scream at. Before Christmas he scratched my mom’s car and put fire in our house. If I fell asleep I could even die there. But he would be happy. Because I am uncomfortable person for him. He thinks that divorce is my fault not his.

  7. I got Very Dysfunctional and its wright, i hate my family and cant wait to get out of this house, and i have to wait 5 more years!

  8. I’ve always known that I have a dysfunctional family because I’m the one who my family expects most things from and I’m also a lightning rod for their dysfunction. My parents love each other, but won’t seem to respect me until I do something worthy of their pride.

  9. Well considering my father cheated on my mom and she doesn’t want to admit it, and my dad gets angry and me and my siblings whenever we do anything such as express anger. I was not surprised when I was told I have a dysfunctional family

  10. I got ‘Very Disfuntional’, I belive that it is right because my family is very crazy. My mother is always yelling at me or my siblings. My sister is a very hot tempered person she has threatened to kill herself many times out of anger or when she is trying to manipulate you. She is a manipulative person and will only act nice when she benefits from it. She has tricked me many times and I play into her plan most of the time. My brother is also very hot tempered he hates sharing and thinks he is better than everyone else. He has tried to make it seem like my mother is trying to kill him when she is only trying to get him to stop scaring the dogs and me. He has also yelled at my mom to move so that he could get a knife out of the drawer to kill himself. He has sexually harassed me in the past by slapping my butt when I walk past him. I have the tendency to avoid my family and others and I barely talk at school, when I was in class talking to my friend the teacher said that it was nice to see me talking for a change. I have suicidal thoughts and actions such as fantasizing about my death and cutting myself with a razor blade. I have also make myself throw up many thing because I felt that I didn’t deserve to eat.

  11. My result is as follows.
    “Emotionally Healthy!
    You come from a emotionally healthy family! Your parents did a great job teaching you how to be self-sufficient! Your parents are emotionally healthy people and have taught and encourage you how to express and deal with emotions effectively. Unconditional love is definitely something that your family demonstrates.”
    I am grateful to God for giving me a family that raised me with love and that I have the courage to live life.

  12. It might be your environment’s fault. Not exactly the family, but other people who had an influence on your childhood.

  13. Well, I got somewhat dysfunctional. I would say that would be true. My father was not really the best person. When I done something wrong, he would beat me. Thankfully, he did not beat me every single day. My mother is perfectionistic. She wants your 110% in everything. Otherwise, you get yelled at and threatened with being grounded. My father and mother often yelled at each other and could never seem to get along. My stepfather is understanding. At times. He wants you to give your best, and nothing else. Not to the same extent of my mother though. My stepfather could see my bedroom as perfectly organized, while my mother could point out a thousand things wrong with it. The relationship between me and my sister is extremely unhealthy. We fight often, every time I want to speak to her she just shuts me out. But when she does talk to me, the second I say something she does not like, she stops the conversation right there. We cannot work together, there is no communication since she does not want a single sound coming out of me. If this is a somewhat dysfunctional family, I’m scared of what a very dysfunctional family is like.


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