QUIZ: The Personality Type Test – Which One Are You?

Your personality defines who you are – it is a combination of your traits, emotions, beliefs, behaviors… While every person and their personality is completely unique and one of a kind, there have been some attempts to categorize different types of personality. Those types of categorization can help describe a person’s strengths, weaknesses, or how others perceive them. If you’d like to find out which category you’d fit in, take this quiz and find out!

Disclaimer: This is not a diagnostic tool and not a real psychological test. It is made for fun and entertainment! So, no matter the results you get (whether you think they’re right or wrong), don’t take it too seriously!


Read the questions and choose between A, B, C or D answer. There are no right or wrong answers, choose whatever comes in mind first! Also, if you can’t decide between two answers, choose the one you feel sliiightly describes you more.

  1. What would you say is your biggest flaw?
    A) Being very impatient – I just can’t keep still and wait! 
    B) Procrastination… I always leave everything for the last moment.
    C) I’m a people pleaser and I sometimes forget about my own needs.
    D) Being pessimistic… I always forget to look through rose-colored glasses. 
  1. What would you say is your biggest strength?
    A) I’m rational – I’m not carried by emotions and I make decisions based on intellectual thinking!
    B) I’m easy going – I always know everything will be fine! 
    C) I’m organized – everything has its own place and I plan ahead. 
    D) I’m introspective, I like analyzing my own thoughts and finding solutions. 
  1. What motivates you?
    A) Money and success – I want it all!
    B) I can keep on going as long as I’m the center of attention! 
    C) Overcoming a challenge is what’s driving me forwards.
    D) Stability and security – I just want to have my peace.

4. How are you with other people?
A) Dominant – I like being the leader!
B) Friendly and charismatic  – I know everyone likes me!
C) Controlling – I want it my way!
D) Shy – I get a little socially anxious, but I’m trying my best!

5. Which job would you like to work the most?
A) I’d like to be a manager in a big company!
B) Party planner – I want to have fun!
C) Being an artist – I just want to create something new everyday.
D) I’d like to be a therapist and help people who feel bad.

6. What do you hate the most?
A) Long explanations or descriptions… Can you just get to the point?!
B) Nonsocial people – I just think they’re kind of boring.
C) Drama – let me just stay out of it, please!
D) Conflict – I don’t really like arguing with anyone.

7. What type of friend are you?
A) I work too much, so I don’t have many friends!
B) I lead conversations and enjoy making people laugh!
C) I always give the best advice!
D) I’m always here to be a shoulder to cry on.

8. What would you say other people think about you?
A) That I’m too stubborn
B) That I’m arrogant
C) That I’m not very social
D) That I’m too quiet

Now count how many times you chose answer A, answer B, answer C, and answer D.
Which answer appears the most?

A apeears the most – you’re a type A personality

If you’re a type A personality, you set high standards for yourself, and are extremely competitive. You love setting goals, and you usually succeed in doing so. You are ambitious and passionate about everything you do. You use your time wisely and you’re always organized. When dealing with people you’re assertive, but dominant and highly competitive. This ambition can sometimes make you impatient and stubborn.

B appears the most – you’re a type B personality

Being a type B personality means you’re a calming influence – you’re relaxed, peaceful, grounded, patient and easygoing. People like you because you’re friendly and charismatic, and everyone knows there’s fun where you are! You like having lots of people around you and being the center of attention. You are easily bored with routine and seek excitement. Because of that, sometimes you might be prone to procrastination.

C appears the most – you’re a type C personality

If you’re a type C, you’re most likely a perfectionist, detail oriented and organized. You follow the rules, and unlike type B, you need your well-known routine. You’re very intelligent and analytical, and you use that intellect in various situations – whether it’s problem solving at work or school, or giving advice to your friends. Sometimes you may be a people-pleaser, and because you need everything to be perfect, you might spend your time worrying too much.

D appears the most – you’re a type D personality

Being a type D personality means you’re very sensitive and emotional. Sometimes you might be a bit pessimistic and shy, or even feel a bit lonely. But those who know you also know that you’re very compassionate, trusting, observant and sincere. You are very introspective and existential, and you’re always there to help everyone who needs it.

Closing thoughts

Which type of personality are you? Or maybe you’re somewhere in between two categories? Do you feel like your results actually fit your personality?

As we said before, this quiz was just for entertainmet. It’s impossible to accurately describe a unique person and put a label to them. Your real personality type is how you feel about yourself.


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