QUIZ: What’s Your Learning Style?

Hi Psych2Goers!

Have you ever wondered how you learned things differently?

This quiz can help determine your preferred learning style. There’s no right or wrong answer and it’s not a test of knowledge.

The results are based on what your learning style is, so take it only if you want to know!

Disclaimer: Research on learning styles suggests that, although people do have their preferences, there’s insufficient research to prove that people learn better with their preferred learning style (more on this at the end of the quiz). This quiz is also just for fun, so please don’t take it too seriously or as professional advice. 

Answer the questions honestly. Tally the letters that appear the most, and by the end of the quiz you’ll find out your role.

Let’s begin!

1) What’s your favorite type of book?

a) A book with ample amounts of pictures to set the scene  

b) An easy-to-follow audiobook

c) An engrossing novel with descriptive settings

d) I prefer crosswords and drawing books mostly

2) How do you learn best in school?

a) A slideshow presentation with more visuals than words

b) A seminar with a gripping speaker

c) A traditional classroom setup presenting detailed information

d) A hands-on workshop

3) What’s your favorite form of entertainment?

a) Watching forms of media like videos and movies

b) Listening to new music

c) Reading an article on an interesting subject

d) Experimenting with new recipes, hiking, or yoga.

4) When you study for a test, how do you prepare a day before?

a) I study and memorize the pictures and graphs best

b) I verbally say my notes to retain information

c) I reread my notes to keep them in memory

d) I trace the letters in real life

5) When you hear the word “dog”, what comes to mind first?

a) I picture a dog playing around

b) I hear a dog barking

c) I visualize the word “dog” in my head

d) I imagine myself petting the dog

6) How do you learn how something works?

a) I look at pictures and videos on how to do it

b) I listen to instructional videos online or from a nearby expert

c) I read the instructional manual from start to finish

d) I tinker around with the item until I find out how it works

7) What do you enjoy the most?

a) Theory and concepts that are presented with rich visuals

b) Seminars where lots of people speak and share insights

c) Readings and articles that are interesting to learn

d) Practice and activities because they offer hands-on experiences

8) What distracts you the most when studying?

a) Seeing people shifting and sudden movement nearby

b) Random noises from outside the room

c) A theory that came up in your head irrelevant to your studies

d) Wanting to stretch and go for a walk

9) When in an unfamiliar area, how do you find your way?

a) I memorize the route based on landmarks I’ve seen

b) I rely on what pedestrians tell me and usually succeed in doing so

c) I immediately try to find a map or directions to scope out the area

d) I try to piece together a map of the areas I find myself in

10) What’s your favorite class?

a) Art class

b) Music class

c) Literature class

d) Gym class


Now that you’ve got your answers, here’s what your learning style is, based on the letter that appears the most!

If A appears the most, You’re a Visual Learner!

A visual learner is someone who uses visual imagery to process and absorb information. They’re the epitome of the trope “to see is to believe”. Visual learners retain information best when they’re depicted in a form of a graphic, such as arrows, charts, diagrams, and symbols.

If B appears the most, you’re an Auditory Learner!

Auditory learners are those who prefer listening to information presented to them using verbal interaction. Auditory learners easily remember things that have been said to them because they learn through auditory cues. They tend to excel in group settings where verbal communication is the norm. They also enjoy reading out loud.

If C appears the most, you’re a Reading and Writing Learner!

Reading and writing learners are those who learn best through, you guessed it, reading and writing. They derive most of their information from written words, and rely on reading to retain the information presented to them.

They may have difficulty remembering things if there are no words involved, but they frequently make use of the information given to them that they can write down. They love taking notes to remember things.

If D appears the most, you’re a Kinesthetic Learner!

Kinesthetic learners learn best if they play an active and physical role in the learning process.

Kinesthetic learners are known for the physical and tactile emphasis they put into learning, usually engaging their senses to learn. They experiment with things with their hands and senses before storing the information in their memory.

While they may not be the most adept in absorbing information in a seated lecture, they truly excel when doing physical activities, like riding a bike, gardening, or assembling things from scratch.

Final Word

So, what’s your learning style? Did you relate to any of the learning styles above? Let us know in the comments below!

As a final word, it’s important to know that there’s no optimal learning style. Everyone learns things differently, and multiple studies have shown that self-reported learning styles aren’t that much effective in memory and information processing as once believed. In other words, how you like to learn things is just a preference.

To prove this, a Journal of Educational Psychology led by Beth Rogowsky paper found no relationship between the study subjects’ learning-style preference and their performance on reading- or listening-comprehension tests.

While it would be nice to think that matching a student’s preferred learning style with a complementary teaching method would do students good, it’s ultimately up to you, dear reader, how you absorb and discern information with the habits you have already formed.

That’s all for now, Psych2Goers!


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